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Dieters have a million things to do with jobs, families and regular life so how are they supposed to fit in dieting with strict rules and forbidden foods? According to Dr. Melina B. Jampolis, the author of the No Time to Lose Diet, busy people can lose weight; they just have to know how to fit dieting into life. Dr. Jampolis continues to practice medicine, despite working with CNN, writing a health and wellness blog and selling a line of meal replacement bars. The concept behind the diet is to cook faster and plan ahead so you can fit weight loss into a busy lifestyle.

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Seven principles of weight loss that fit into the busiest of lifestyles.

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How does a person lose weight when they are constantly busy running from one place to another? Dr. Melina claims anyone can lose weight following the seven principles in the No Time to Lose Diet weight loss plan. The details of the seven principles are reserved for dieters who purchase the book.

There is very little information on the No Time to Diet plan. The official website for Dr. Melina offers links to her book and branded products for weight loss, but no information on the book itself. She does offer a blog with healthy eating tips and advice, but the blog is posted on a Blogger account and it contains about 30 posts from 2008 to 2011.

Many of the diet tricks listed on the Dr. Melina blog support slow, healthy changes for weight loss, such as reducing the size of the morning specialty coffee to reduce calories. Moving from a large to a medium saves 40 calories, on average, totaling 10,400 calories a year and three pounds of weight loss. Instead of grabbing a bagel five days a week, switch out two days for eggs and lose eight pounds a year. There are many more tips like these. The tips assume the dieter drinks sugared coffee and eats bagels.

The No Time to Lose Diet sells for $13 on

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  • Simple changes for the busiest dieter.
  • Based on seven principles the dieter can use to create a personalized plan.
  • Blog lists tips for simple weight loss.


  • No real information on the diet is included in the book description.
  • The dieter has no idea what foods are allowed on the plan.


Losing weight with a busy schedule can be hard. The No Time to Lose Diet takes time into consideration, allowing the dieter to make simple changes that require no more time than any other food choices. If a dieter is currently eating, they can follow this plan. We did not find any information on exercise.

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