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The O2 Diet offers a rapid start detox, 4-week diet plan, recipes and a complete list of good and bad foods for weight loss. Detox diets have become part of many weight loss plans, though detoxing the body is not known as a lasting weight loss solution. When a dieter uses a detox plan, they lose water weight faster. After resuming a normal weight loss diet, some of that weight may return. It is important to wait at least one week after switching from a detox diet to a weight loss diet to weigh in. This gives the body enough time to regulate water weight and lose fat.

List of Ingredients

Jump start detox diet and 4-wek eating plan for weight loss.

Product Features

The O2 Diet is based on free radicals and antioxidants. Free radicals naturally occur in the body and antioxidants are formulated by the body to combat the negative effects free radicals cause. Free radicals are a byproduct of water production on a cellular level. When cells convert oxygen to water, free radicals are created. Most stay within the cell where they are killed off. Others escape through the cell and attack healthy cells. The healthy cells are turned into free radicals and reproduce until the cell dies. This causes premature aging and negative health side effects. Antioxidants attack the reproducing free radicals and kill the damaged cells, allowing the body to heal. Eating foods rich in antioxidants can help prevent free radical damage. It just so happens that most foods high in antioxidants are low in calories.

There is a down side to eating a high antioxidant diet. Oxidants are used for normal body functions like vasodilation. If there are no oxidants in the body to expand blood vessels, negative side effects can occur. Recent medical studies have shown this negative side effect of antioxidant diets.

The official website for the O2 Diet offers dieters a free trial lasting 21 days. After the free trial, the dieter agrees to pay $26 for the book.

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  • Antioxidant diet low in calories may cause weight loss.
  • The book offers a free trial with no obligation or payment if the book is returned.


  • Consuming too many antioxidants can have negative side effects.
  • The book costs more than the average diet book.


There is very little information on the approved or suggested foods on the O2 Diet. We know the diet supports antioxidant-rich foods, but little else is revealed. The dieter can eat out at restaurants and enjoy the foods they love, albeit in moderation. There is no exercise plan associated with the O2 Diet and exercise is important to weight loss.

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