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The Oatmeal Diet is a fad diet based on myth. There are various versions of the oatmeal diet, but all include eating oatmeal several times a day in place of a regular meal. One of the most popular oatmeal diet varieties includes eating oatmeal several times a day for the first seven days on the plan. Skim milk can be added to whole oatmeal. For the first seven days, the dieter must choose whole oatmeal, not instant or fast cook products. Granola bars with oatmeal are not acceptable. After the first seven days, the dieter slowly adds other foods to the diet. Oatmeal is not a complete food, which means the dieter will be missing some crucial vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

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Weight loss diet based on oatmeal.

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The Oatmeal Diet is a calorie-restricted diet starting with a daily intake of 900 to 1,200 calories. The upper end of the calorie limit is ideal for all dieters. The lower limit is a bit restrictive and may lead to hunger, cravings and binge eating. The plan allows the dieter to eat multiple small portion sizes of oatmeal for seven days. After the initial period, the dieter adds in other foods like fruits and vegetables to increase calorie intake up to 1,300. This portion of the plan lasts for 30 days. After the 30 days are complete, the dieter should start consuming a normal diet with oatmeal added twice a day. One serving of oatmeal needs to replace a meal and the other eaten as a snack.

After the first 37 days, the diet is extremely healthy. Dieters consume oatmeal with fresh fruit and skim milk for breakfast. Lunch is another serving of fresh fruit and oatmeal with yogurt added. Dinner is a lean protein with a salad and another serving of oatmeal. Oatmeal is filling and may help the dieter fight hunger cravings common with dieting. Instead of starting with the oatmeal fast, dieters may wish to start with the maintenance plan as it contains the appropriate vitamins, nutrients and calories for healthy weight loss.

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  • The Oatmeal Diet is free.
  • Oatmeal is a healthy addition to any weight loss plan.
  • Whole oatmeal is nutrient-dense.


  • The plan starts with an oatmeal detox.
  • Eating only oatmeal can lead to vitamin-deficiency.


The Oatmeal Diet may be a fad diet, but the maintenance plan is extremely healthy and calorie-conscious. Dieters eat oatmeal several times a day, adding to the overall fiber intake. This can help the dieter feel full between meals, effectively reducing caloric intake. There is no exercise plan included with the oatmeal diet. Exercise is vital to weight loss, sleep quality and overall health.

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    I am thinking about trying the diet, obviously I see that you said it is lacking needed nutrients. What could you possibly do to receive the nutrients that it takes from you?