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Seven-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Johanna Budwig created the Oil-Protein Diet through years of research. The book details the importance of including flax seed oil into your eating patterns. Through her research, she conducted countless studies linking oil and protein to improved health, as well as an all-natural cure to common ailments. The book is available online, through various ecommerce sites such as for less than $10. This is relatively inexpensive for a diet plan with more than 50 years of research.

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  • Diet plan focusing on oils and protein.

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The Oil Protein Diet is an eating plan designed to facilitate weight loss. The primary foods associated the diet include flaxseed oil, milk, cottage cheese, fiber, fruits and vegetables. Throughout the book, Budwig offers sound advice relating to food preparation. There was little information available pertaining to the effectiveness of diet. Online, there are several sources explaining the research performed by Budwig and the clinical trials, but none of the trials was associated with this particular diet.

A common concern we noticed after looking over the customer testimonials was weight loss. There was no guarantee of weight loss. Several customers actually gained weight. It appears as if the Oil Protein Diet is consistent with the principles of a low-carbohydrate diet. Eating a low-carb diet is not for everyone.

The price was rather reasonable, considering the amount of research associated with the plan. We found the diet available on for approximately $10. This is not a bad investment.

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  • The diet plan is affordable.
  • The information is well researched.
  • The author is a seven-time Nobel Prize winner.


  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The diet plan does not address exercise.
  • The Oil Protein Diet is not an ideal weight management solution for every dieter.
  • Several of the food recommendations are not easily found.


The Oil Protein Diet is a well research diet plan. Dr. Budwig is a respected scientist who put her entire life’s working into finding cures for common ailments. The unfortunate side of any diet plan is the effectiveness. Although the Oil Protein Diet is linked to clinical studies and scientific research, there is no guarantee of weight loss. If dieters eat according to the plan, there is an opportunity you could lose weight, but only on the short-term. The long-term effects are not noted. An additional concern centers on the availability of the foods. Several complaints stated the food was not common to the local area.

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