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The Okinawa Diet is a virtual weight loss program. The program features are based on two books – The Okinawa Diet Plan and The Okinawa Program. The diet is not as restrictive as it is educational. Authors teach dieters how to eat the right foods to lose weight from all food categories – protein, carbohydrates, fats, fluids and fiber. In addition to losing fat, not just weight, the dieter will feel better and live longer.

The official website for The Okinawa Diet lists basic information about the diet plan. Dieters must sign-up and pay a fee to access tools, menus and other weight loss support. The fee is $2.80 per week with no obligation or $69 a year.

List of Ingredients

Online diet and fat loss program based on foods eaten by Okinawans.

Product Features

The website for The Okinawa Diet is not much different from other online dieting sites. The user signs up for access and pays the fee associated with the dieting plan. Typically, a personal profile is filled in to establish starting weight, BMI, weight loss goals and body fat percentage. From there, the dieter receives a menu plan, access to food and exercise trackers and community support from other dieters. There is no mention of how many dieters are currently available in the community. Because The Okinawa Diet is a paid website, the number of community members could fluctuate significantly.

The Okinawa Diet is centered on eating the right foods, specifically the Right Carbs, Right Fats, Right Proteins, Right Fiber and Right Fluids. The specifics of these categories are listed on the official website and the dieter does not need paid access to find the food and drink lists. With this information, the dieter can create a reduced calorie, portion controlled diet and lose the same amount of weight they would on The Okinawa Diet, or at least give it a good try before making payment.

There is no mention of supplements, but the diet supports black and green tea intake. Green tea is proven to boost weight loss and metabolism. It does not have appetite controlling effects, so a separate supplement to control hunger may be necessary.

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  • Lists all the “right” foods on the official website.
  • Dieters can access detailed information about the diet without paying the access fee.


  • No details on exercise.
  • No appetite suppressing supplements.


The Okinawa Diet is based on sound dietary choices, but there is no exercise noted on the website. We believe the dieter needs to move more to burn calories and increase fat loss. Green tea is supported, but other supplements like caffeine or chromium for appetite suppression are not mentioned.

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