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The Okinawa Program focuses on eating right instead of eating a certain food or avoiding other foods. It uses principals of eating from Japan and focuses on eating food that is as close to whole and natural as possible. Food that has not been processed is generally the best choice, according to the Okinawa program, and the program focuses on building good habits and teaching consumers how to stay healthy. It is not a weight loss program primarily, although the healthy, low calorie eating can come with the benefit of weight loss. The Okinawa Program seeks to help people live healthy by educating them about health and nutrition.

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As mentioned before, the Okinawa Program is based on the healthy eating habits in Japan. The focus is on whole foods that are as natural as possible, as well as organic foods. Eating more nutritious foods that are satisfying, but lower in calories, is the key to the Okinawa Program. This program is not really a diet, but a change in lifestyle that will likely take a while to show results, unlike a more drastic diet. There is a website dedicated to the program, and the Okinawa Program is known as the Okinawa Diet on this site. The website is designed to help people who are on the Okinawa Program to be informed and have some reference for the program.

There are no quick results on the Okinawa Program. Results may eventually be dramatic, as time passes and as one stays committed to the program. It is best not to expect quick results on the Okinawa Program, as it is not a plan that involves a shocking change to the metabolism or an instant change. The lifestyle changes in the Okinawa Program are beneficial, but they take time to take effect for someone who is following this plan.

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  • Focuses on a healthy lifestyle.
  • Uses principals from Japan to form the basis of the eating plans.


  • Not a strict diet plan, so results will take longer.
  • The expense of buying whole, organic foods may be a turn-off to some who might have otherwise followed the plan.
  • The kinds of foods eaten on the Okinawa Program might not be favored by some who wish to follow the plan.


The Okinawa Program is not a true diet. It does not have effects that are quick and dramatic as other eating plans do, but the results that the Okinawa Program does give should be lasting, if someone is willing to commit to the Okinawa Plan and a healthy lifestyle. The Okinawa Program should be helpful and educational for those who are looking for a plan that will help them live healthy and lose weight, though there is work and commitment required for someone to be healthy.

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