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The Oprah Diet is a complex list of approved eating plans the star has used for weight loss over the years. Early on, Oprah used unhealthy starvation techniques to lose weight and promote certain diets. Later, she admitted that the diets she was promoting were not the ones she used to lose weight. Specifically, the show where she wheeled out 40 pounds of fat in wheelbarrows was associated with starvation and not a healthy eating plan. Today, an older and more settled Oprah is comfortable in her own skin and follows the teachings of several health gurus to maintain food health, even if she is a bit overweight from time to time. The Oprah Diet consists of information and input from Bob Greene, Dr. Oz and Kathy Freston.

List of Ingredients

A variety of diets aimed at weight loss and improved health.

Product Features

Bob Greene is known for the Best Life Diet. The Oprah Diet utilizes many of the tips, suggestions and products supported by the diet plan. Bob Greene is Oprah’s fitness instructor. The fitness guru suggests finding the perfect, fun exercise and sticking with that exercise to improve health. He is also the author of the Total Body Makeover.

Dr. Oz is a frequent guest on Oprah’s talk show. He talks about everything from weight loss to omega 3 fatty acids, sex life to fitness. He promotes eating whole foods and exercising for weight loss. The doctor has also been known to discuss beauty secrets from time to time. Detailed information on all Dr. Oz’s weight loss plans associated with the Oprah Diet are located on his official website.

Kathy Freston is a supporter of detoxing the body. Detox has become one of the leading means of weight loss jumpstarting in the United States. There is a common theme among all diets that start with a detox – get rid of the toxins and start eating well on a clean slate.

Despite the myriad of weight loss solutions used in the Oprah Diet over the years, the star continues to be overweight. Every woman struggles with body image in some way and weight is clearly Oprah’s struggle, but that does not mean the Oprah Diet is not laden with factual, trustworthy information that the dieter can use to achieve success.

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  • The Oprah Diet is packed with good medical and weight loss advice.


  • The star is still overweight despite having great advice at her doorstep.


The Oprah Diet has taken years to develop. Through starvation and struggle, the star has managed to come to terms with her body and body image. Today she follows a healthy eating and fitness plan created from various health and fitness gurus.

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