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The Optifast Diet is a diet for someone who needs to lose a large amount of weight. According to the official website, the diet produces 52 pounds of weight loss in 22 weeks, on average. This is more weight than some dieters need to lose, so it is important to establish weight loss goals before starting the plan to adjust eating and exercise habits to maintain a healthy weight. It is possible to lose too much weight on extreme weight loss plans like the Optifast Diet. The Optifast Diet program is medically supported and regulated. The dieter must register with a local clinic to gain access to meal replacements used on the plan. The price of the Optifast Diet will be determined by clinic prices and the price of meals.

List of Ingredients

Meal replacement weight loss system for people with a lot of weight to lose.

Product Features

When following the Optifast Diet, dieters must visit a local clinic for medical intervention. The clinic will record beginning weight and other medical readings like cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. The patient is then given meal replacements and food is withheld. During the active weight loss stage of the plan, the dieter will consume only the Optifast Diet replacements. After nearing or reaching goal weight, the dieter is transitioned to a more normal eating plan with home cooked meals.

In some cases, the Optifast Diet is followed for one month or more before weight loss surgery. Some dieters must lose weight before surgery to decrease the change of complications. How long the dieter is on the Optifast Diet will depend on starting weight and ideal weight. The more weight the dieter can lose before surgery, the better the surgical outcome may be.

The Optifast Diet program is not available for all dieters. The physician controlled diet plan is typically reserved for patients with a lot of weight to lose, but the details will be discussed with the clinic during the dieter’s first appointment. The cost of the plan hovers in the thousands of dollars.

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  • Extreme weight loss.


  • Very expensive.
  • Requires clinic visit and doctor interaction.
  • Not designed for the dieter who has only a few pounds to lose.
  • Supports weight loss surgery.


The Optifast Diet is a meal replacement diet for the extremely overweight. The program is proven to cause weight loss, as long as the dieter follows the program as prescribed, but it also costs much more than dieting at home. The program supports weight loss surgery, which is highly dangerous and could be deadly. Dieters wishing to follow the Optifast Diet program will need to talk with a local clinic before ordering meal replacement products.

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