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The Organic Food Diet is not a diet plan with a dedicated self-help book or a prescribed set of diet guidelines. The diet is based on eating healthy, organic foods in place of non-organic choices. Organic foods are available in produce and meat selections, along with canned and frozen selections. Organic foods choices are more expensive than non-organic foods and they have the same calorie counts and non-organic. The only difference is the method the food products are raised or grown. Eating an organic food diet may decrease the risk of consuming chemicals associated with pest control and increased rate of growth, typically used in the food industry.

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Healthy, organic foods for weight loss.

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The dieter who wants to follow the Organic Food Diet simply has to replace non-organic foods with organic foods. Smaller food portions must be consumed to promote weight loss and regular exercise is important for bone health, increase metabolism and improved sleep. There are no strict guidelines for the diet, so the dieter is free to choose the exact eating plan to follow based on the organic food choices.

Dieters have a wide array of diet choices, including low carbohydrate, low calorie and low fat. The ideal diet will depend on the personal preferences of the dieter. Following the Organic Food Diet does not improve the chances for weight loss, it just changes the type of food the dieter consumes. The same problems exist with organic eating that exist with non-organic eating, so the dieter will need to adjust food intake, track calories and find a healthy, weight loss supplement to control appetite.

The expense of the Organic Food Diet is often the biggest deterrent. Dieters cannot afford spending twice as much for organic food as non-organic food. For some, however, the price difference is the only reason to follow the diet. If a dieter has a set food budget, they can afford less food volume when purchasing organic so they consume less food.

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  • Organic foods may be healthier.
  • No strict guidelines.


  • Dieters must pay more for organic foods.
  • No guidelines to keep dieters on track.
  • The dieter must follow a reduced portion size diet to lose weight.
  • Exercise is not addressed on the Organic Food Diet.


If eating organic food is important, the dieter can switch from non-organic and follow a typical reduced calorie diet for weight loss. Exercise and portion control is just as important when eating organic as it is with any other diet. The major setback for most dieters who want to follow an Organic Food Diet is the difference in cost between non-organic and organic foods.

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