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The Paleo Diet focuses on eating foods that are more natural and as close to being whole as possible. The main kinds of foods that are eaten are foods that can be hunted or gathered, hence the name of the diet. The Paleo Diet has been around since the 1970s. The menu is quite limited to certain kinds of foods, and eliminates other kinds of foods. It is not necessarily a diet that will result in a permanent lifestyle change, but it does seem to have fast results because of the restriction of certain foods.

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The kinds of food allowed on the Paleo diet are meat, fish, fruit, root vegetables, nuts, and vegetables. The foods that the diet does not allow are grains, legumes, dairy, salt, processed oil, and refined sugar. Any food that cannot be gathered or hunted for is prohibited on the Paleo Diet. The overall emphasis is on health, and the foods that are allowed do help towards this aim. However, cutting out grains and legumes may be detrimental to one’s health, as they are entire food groups that would be missing from a person’s diet. The fiber in grains is essential to good digestion, and not having it may effect digestion negatively.

The menu in the Paleo Diet is limited, so dieters may get bored with eating the same kinds of food all the time, so the plan may not be as beneficial as other plans with more variety. There is also no specific diet plan, though there is encouragement to keep moving and get exercise of some kind. The lack of carbohydrates in the diet means that weight loss may be quick at first, but then ease off after the body adapts to the lack of carbohydrates.

The best way to follow the Paleo Diet would probably be to make sure that the foods one consumes are organic. The focus on natural foods that are as close to whole as possible is good, but this diet does not seem to be the type of diet that one can follow for a long time.

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  • Focus on natural foods.


  • Cutting out whole food groups, especially fiber, is a weakness in the diet.
  • This is probably not the kind of diet that anyone can follow for an extended amount of time.


The Paleo Diet is good for those who are looking for a diet that promotes health and gives results quickly. However, the cutting out of whole food groups and the restrictive nature of the diet may keep some people from following it in the long run. The Paleo Diet may be good for a quick solution, or for those trying to break a carbohydrate habit. Despite the weaknesses, the Paleo Diet might be helpful for some.

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    Your assertion is incorrect: “Cutting out whole food groups, especially fiber, is a weakness in the diet.” The Paleo diet does not eliminate fiber.

    Instead of obtaining fiber from cereal grains dieters intake fiber through fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Brussels sprouts, for example, contain 6 grams of fiber per cup; one cup of raspberries holds about 8; a cup of shredded coconut has 7 grams; almonds carry about 2 grams per cup; while white bread, pumpernickel, whole wheat bread, and 7-grain bread have less than 2 grams per slice.

    Healthy fiber levels have, in recent generations, been maintained through the consumption of deleterious grains; however, a more wholesome and sustainable balance can be reached by way of the hunter/gatherer mentality.


  • 2

    Why isn’t vinegar allowed on the Paleo diet?