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The Paleolithic Diet is based on the diet of extreme human ancestors that lived in the Paleolithic Era. Basically, dieters resort to foods that would have been available to this group of people. During the Paleolithic Era, hunters and gatherers supplied family tribes with food and sustenance. Meals were based on season and the availability of wild game. Whatever the hunter could kill was part of the menu. Gatherers were trained to find wild growing plants and berries that were not poisonous. Dieters are not required to control calorie intake on the diet, as hunters and gatherers ate when the food was plentiful and did not eat when food was unavailable. Due to the constant availability of food, some dieters find it easier to control portion sizes.

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Foods typically found in the Paleolithic Era.

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There are plenty of books explaining the Paleolithic Diet. Most include the same basic rules. If the foods were available in that era, they are approved for consumption. Some modern foods require processing and thus should not be consumed on the diet, including coffee, soda, some fruit juices and flavored water. Coconut water and spring water are allowed on the Paleolithic Diet.

The diet does not have strict guidelines as to how meals should be laid out. Some dieters prefer to eat mostly green, fresh produce while others choose a meat heavy version of the diet. Meats must be organic and grass fed, this is the closest meat to wild game. Produce must be organic. Canned and processed frozen foods are not allowed on the diet.

Exercise is not strictly noted in the Paleolithic Diet, but hunters and gatherers would have walked for miles collecting food. Walking is the ideal exercise for women. Men would have completed more strenuous work, so weight training of some sort could be added for authenticity.

The only cost associated with the Paleolithic Diet is the cost of food. Dieters can find all the information they need from online websites explaining the diet.

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  • Removes processed foods from the diet.
  • Dieters must eat whole foods, as they would appear in nature.


  • The cost of food is more expensive on the Paleolithic Diet.
  • Dieters have no strict guidelines for portion sizes.


The Paleolithic Diet takes the dieter back to a time when processed foods were not available. The dieter must eat what human ancestors would have hunted and gathered. This can make it extremely difficult to follow as the food list is extremely restricted. Exercise is supported as it was the natural way of life, but no specific exercise plan is noted in the diet literature. Dieters may need to research the Paleolithic Era before starting the diet.

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