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The Park Avenue Diet by Dr. Stuart Fischer is not your average diet plan. The doctor requires dieters to attend four visits to his office during the weight loss program. The office visits are extremely expensive and may not be covered by health insurance. The dieter must live in the local area, i.e. Park Avenue, to make an appointment, though traveling to the area for appointments is not out of the question. The diet plan consists of a 7-Point Program that claims to provide the tools a dieter needs for long-term weight loss results.

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Weight loss program by a Park Avenue doctor, Dr. Stuart Fischer.

Product Feature

Dr. Stuart Fischer takes a different route to weight loss than other weight loss plans. The Park Avenue Diet focuses on more than food and exercise. The dieter is supposed to concentrate on self-confidence, clothing, skincare and hairstyle. While self-confidence is important when attempting to lose weight and get fit, the remaining factors are nothing more than accessories to the human body. This is especially true of clothing and hairstyle. The dieter is not out to look like a Park Avenue man or woman, they are out to lose weight, improve health and get in shape.

The Park Avenue Diet does not stop there. The doctor has formulated a line of supplements suggested to dieters at office visits. Thyroid Synergy, Gluco Balance and Daily Balance are available from the official website. Prices range from $16 to $38. None of the supplements contains fat burning ingredients. There are also two books available for sale – The Little Book of Big Medical Emergencies and The Park Avenue Diet. If the dieter can purchase the book and follow the diet from home, why are the four office visits needed?

The four office visits are more amusing than helpful. Visit one is all about talking and reviewing weight loss issues, health concerns and past medical history. The doctor may order blood tests and make recommendations for diet, exercise and style. Visit two consists of talking about any blood test results and setting up the weight loss plan. The doctor has celebrity consultants on staff to talk about fashion and hair.

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  • Personalized weight loss plan specific to each dieter.


  • Dieters must attend four office visits.
  • There is a strong focus on style, fashion and hair.


The inner circle of Park Avenue elite may be able to afford the Park Avenue Diet, but few other dieters have that kind of diet budget. The focus on exterior changes like hair and fashion are a bit out of the norm for a weight loss program, but this is Park Avenue.

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