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Anne Osborne, a fruitarian of nearly 20 years wrote the book Fruitarianism: The Path to Paradise. The book was only written to share her experience eating nothing but fruit over the last two decades, and how she was able to raise her two children on the same diet. She does not claim to be a nutrition expert, or that everyone should consider using this diet.

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Fruitarianism: The Path to Paradise is based on the idea that all we need to survive is fruit. Osborne provides comparisons to other species to support her claims that fruit will give a human all the nutrition they need. She does go on to say that in order to get all the nourishment from fruit, you must eat high quality fruit. It should be fresh, and organic to get the most nutrition possible. She mentions oranges and figs to be high in calcium and dates, raisins, and watermelons to be high in iron. If you do not choose organic or fresh fruit options, you will likely miss out on most of the mineral value. If this is not possible, you should add green vegetables to your diet to ensure you are getting the nutrition your body needs. She goes on to say that if you can eat green vegetables naturally, without dressings and oils, they are a perfectly fine healthy food choice for you. If you live in a cooler climate or are underweight, you should also eat plenty of avocados. When you eat an avocado, do not eat the seed, as it could be poisonous to you, and you should scatter it to allow a new tree to grow. The book includes several chapters on individual fruits, a chapter on how to raise children with this diet, as well as chapters on juice fasting, sunlight, and how to cleanse the body.

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  • A diet high in fruit has been shown to reduce your cancer risk.
  • The meals are easy to prepare.
  • Fruit is easily digestable.
  • This is an environmentally friendly way to eat.
  • Those who are not good at selecting produce will find the tips included in the book helpful.


  • The book is only available online.
  • A fruit only diet will likely cause nutritional deficiency.
  • This diet does not provide enough healthy fat or protein.
  • Those who live in cooler climates will experience more difficulty getting a variety of fresh fruits.
  • The cost of food will go up because you will have to buy a lot of fresh fruit to survive.
  • A fruit-only diet will also cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies, such as B12.
  • This diet is not idea for social situations, and makes dining out rather difficult.


We generally do not recommend any diets that greatly restrict the types of food you can eat. This will lead to weight loss, but could also lead to malnourishment, so if you choose to practice this diet, do so under the supervision of a medical professional. Be prepared to supplement as necessary to make sure you are getting all the best nutrition.

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