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The PCOS Diet Book is based upon the nutritional advice that has been proven to aid the symptoms and problems associated with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome . The book is written by Collette Harris who writes for the women suffering with this problem from a personal perspective. If you are a woman suffering with the excess weight, mood swings and other symptoms, read this review to help you decide if The PCOS Diet will help you.

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The PCOS Diet Book is designed to inform women who suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome how to change their diet to aid in relieving their side effects and symptoms that are involved in PCOS. It is not constructed as just a weight loss book. The PCOS Diet addresses other problems such as skin irritations and breakouts, fertility issues, depression and stress management. The focus is about getting the right foods, such as lower carbohydrates and less sugar, to combat the hormonal imbalances caused by PCOS. Recipes are provided and offer a wide variety to keep virtually any palate happy. You can even find the right foods to treat specific symptoms by using the Table of Contents to lead you directly to the corresponding page. The book is available on Amazon for $18.95 and as of the time of this review was available for Super Saver shipping.

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  • PCOS Diet can aid weight loss, depression and other symptoms through natural foods.
  • PCOS Diet allows you to make decisions as to how much you change your diet


  • There is not a specific “eat this” set of menus. Only a few sample menus.
  • Those that do not like fruits, vegetables and whole grains may find it difficult to make the needed change.
  • One or two foods on the diet may not be available in the United States.
  • This diet is not targeted at weight loss, but rather to help naturally treat PCOS.
  • This diet is for women only, as men cannot suffer from this condition.


The PCOS Diet is as effective as the person using it. It will not give you a specific 30 day program but will arm you with the best options available to you. The information is provided in an easy to understand format. It is up to the reader to implement the diet changes in order to relieve their symptoms. Using the PCOS Diet as a nutritional guideline can help get rid of extra weight, balance out your insulin levels and even increase your ability to get pregnant. It is not a cure by any means, but hundreds of women vow that their quality of life has greatly improved by using the PCOS Diet. You will feel better, lose weight and have more energy by combining this diet with regular exercise.

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