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The Pen and the Paper Diet was created by a husband concerned about his wife’s excess weight. He wanted to lose about 15 pounds, but she weighed more than 270 pounds and complained about pain on a daily basis. After talking with his wife about the dangers of weight loss pills, he devised a simple eating plan that allowed them to consume the foods they loved and lose weight. The Pen and the Paper Diet was born. At the heart of The Pen and the Paper Diet is a pen and paper. You guessed it, the dieters must write down everything they eat and stay within an allotted calorie goal to lose weight. There is nothing new about this diet, but there are some signals that the diet did not work for the husband and wife team.

List of Ingredients

Pen, paper and recommended calorie intake for weight loss.

Product Features

After collecting the recommended calorie intake for weight loss, available in the paperback version of the Pen and the Paper Diet book, the dieter simply keeps track of all the foods they are eating and subtracts those calories from the total. When the calories are gone, the dieter does not eat anything more until the following day.

There are before and midway pictures for the authors wife, but there are no after pictures. The website was established in 2008, but no after pictures are listed. There are no pictures of the author who wanted to lose those 15 pounds around the midsection.

The author owns a media company, of sorts. The company publishes books and websites for profit. The Pen and Paper Diet is one of the company’s books. There are no before and after photos of dieters who have lost weight. The official Facebook page has a few followers, but no one stands out claiming they have reached goal weight on the program. There are no photos of the author’s wife on the page.

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  • The Pen and the Paper Diet is simple to follow.
  • The dieter needs nothing more than a pen and paper.
  • Keeping track of calories and food intake is important for lasting weight loss.


  • The dieter does not have to read the book to understand how to track calories.
  • There are no after photos for the author’s wife.


The author of the Pen and the Paper Diet put his wife’s weight on the line for the official website. He even asks the reader to view her pictures. There are no current or after photos listed, so what happened to her weight loss struggle? The Pen and the Paper Diet is based on the oldest theory in weight loss, write it down and consume less than the body burns.

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