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No matter what your current weight or target weight is, you can reach your goal with the right diet plan, program or supplement formula. It is just about finding what works for you. Let us take a closer look at “The Perfect 10 Diet” text. This book takes a unique approach to weight reduction by addressing key hormones that all people have. These natural hormones can have an impact on your weight.

The purpose of The Perfect 10 Diet book is to educate dieters on the way the body works, and how foods can effect it. While some diets only aim to assist users with weight loss, this one is actually claimed to make you look younger. The Perfect 10 Diet is 464 pages in length, and sells online through websites like for around $17. Some new copies are as high as $24.99.

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The Perfect 10 Diet is claimed to harbor the secret to shedding unwanted weight and feeling great in no time. This is a book that was written by one Michael Aziz (a medical doctor and member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), and it elaborates on 10 key hormones that people produce. Naturally these hormones can have an effect on your weight and how you feel. According to the official pitch for The Perfect 10 Diet, men and women who use this method can drop up to 14 pounds in only three weeks. Apparently your hormones are in charge of how your body will utilize the food you consume each day. While it can be used as energy, it can also be stored as fat. The Perfect 10 Diet enables people to drop weight quickly, but without starving. Those who choose this method are also supposed to have higher energy levels, look younger, and shed actual body fat without exercising. Michael Aziz, the physician who write this book, practices alternative, traditional and complimentary medicine.

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  • The author of this book is a medical doctor, which some dieters may appreciate.
  • The Perfect 10 Diet may reduce signs of aging.


  • There is no exercise encouraged with this weight loss plan.
  • There are no supplements incorporated to suppress hunger or boost thermo genesis.
  • Some of the reviews for The Perfect 10 Diet are not very positive.
  • This diet may call for a more drastic change in lifestyle than some people prefer.


There are a number of reviews from dieters presented online for The Perfect 10 Diet. While many of them are positive, some are not so much. Regardless, this text does offer some good insight regarding how hormones have an impact on weight gain and loss. It really just comes down to what kind of weight loss solution you are searching for. If you prefer a more convenient supplement formula, then The Perfect 10 Diet book is not for you.

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8 User Reviews about The Perfect 10 Diet

  • 1

    I read this book when it was free for Kindle. I have since bought 4 hard copies of the book, one for myself, one for my sister, one for my daughter and one for my mother. This book made intellectual sense to me, unlike other diet books, and I immediately changed my way of eating to conform to The Perfect 10 way of life. I feel great, lost 20 lbs. in 2 months, and could not be happier. I have eaten no processed or pre-packaged food since I read this book, and never will again. My mom is diabetic and was taking 3 diabetic pills per day and was able to cut down to 2 a day after only a week on this plan. Her blood sugar has improved so much it’s almost hard to believe. I take a B-12 and a whole food vitamin each day. Don’t miss the sugar, don’t miss the white flour, white rice, etc., feel better than I have in years!


  • 2

    I’m reading the book now and it all makes sense. In order to lose weight everyone needs to make some drastic change in the way they live or else they wouldn’t need to loose weight. It’s bad habits and life style that got most of us overweight and unhealthy. This site seems to always recommend some “magic” pill or device instead of people using the brain and body we came with to make ourselves healthy.


  • 3

    Has anyone made the Chinese Sticky Wings recipe in the book (Stage One)? It appears an ingredient is missing in the marinade?? I’ve made it as written and the wings are good – but I think it’s missing something. I love the diet – my husband and I had checkups after being on it for 4 months and our Doc said we were in the best shape ever! Blood work could not have been better!


  • 4

    This is a great diet, it really wakes you up to the all the poisonous foods that are in the grocery stores. There is no easy way to lose weight and drugs will not help at all. The perfect 10 diet does promote exercise and 3 healthy meals a day. Maybe you should really read the book, there is also an audio. This diet is how everyone should eat to stay healthy and maintain a desired weight. No gimmicks,just common sense.


  • 5
    Diana Rodgers

    I agree with the first reviewer, this book really works. You MUST make serious changes in order to see change and this book does it. I have suggested it to many of my friends and everyone has seen results. Excercise is discussed. No magic weight loss belts or metabolic boosting creams here.


  • 6

    You have not even read the book. The Perfect 10 talks about excercise in a whole chapter. Did you miss it?It talks about supplements in the appendix. Reviews are 5 stars on amazon. I lost 50 pounds in 6 months, and I feel great.



    I agree with you there is a chapter on exercise in the book, about vitamins. IF YOU WANT CHANGE YOU HAVE TO CHANGE. I have be on it for 4 1/2 months and have lost 45 pounds and feel fine. I follow it to fit in my life most of all I have cut out all the prepackage and processed crap.



    Great job, I’ve lost 16 lbs it’s great. The best thing is knowing that most of the so called food in the grocery store is poison. That is why there are so many obese people and people with diabetes.