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The Perfect Body Diet is a book by Women’s Health Magazine. The magazine is a trusted name, so dieters don’t have to worry about unhealthy food choices and a fad diet approach. However, just because Women’s Health is responsible for the diet does not mean it is the most effective plan available to women who want to lose weight. The “Perfect Body” is not the same for every woman. Some women love their curves and others prefer a slim, thin physique. One woman may want to build muscle while another wants to add a little shape with a narrowed waist and lean lines. The fact that the book claims to help a woman reach the perfect body could be the reason the reviews are less than spectacular.

List of Ingredients

Diet program by the writers of Women’s Health Magazine.

Product Features

There are two diets and one major diet supplements presented to the dieter on the Perfect Body Diet. The two diets are low carbohydrate or high carbohydrate / low fat. Low fat diets are from the 1980s. Most doctors support healthy fats and a more Mediterranean style of eating as opposed to low fat diets packed with carbohydrates. The one supplement promoted on the diet is glucomannan. Glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber laxative. It is commonly included in weight loss supplements as an appetite suppressant, but it can also be used to loosen bowels.

The menu plan starts with a breakfast smoothie. The dieter must add glucomannan to the smoothie, and other meals throughout the day. This is like starting the day with a colon cleanser. Typically, glucomannan is consumed 30 minutes before a meal to control appetite, not as part of the meal unless the laxative effect is desired.

We are a bit shocked to see this type of diet associated with a major publication like Women’s Health. Glucomannan is a common diet supplement, but in this case it is not consumed for appetite control. Many dieters complain about taking a laxative for weight loss, as they should.

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  • The book is available on
  • Supports low carbohydrate dieting.


  • Uses glucomannan as a laxative.
  • Supports high carbohydrate / low fat eating.
  • Laxatives are not part of getting fit.


The Perfect Body Diet by Women’s Health is not the ideal diet for any woman. The use of a laxative is a huge concern and the high carbohydrate / low fat eating plan is pulled from the 1980s. Low carbohydrate eating is gaining momentum and is proven to cause weight loss. If the low carb plan was paired with a complex carbohydrate plan with healthy fats, we may support the diet, but in its current form this diet is not ideal for most people.

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