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The Perricone Diet is a strict diet plan that aims to reduce inflammation to improve health, reduce weight and reverse the signs of aging. Dr. Perricone is a celebrity of sorts and has appeared on many television shows talking about his eating and anti-aging plans and products. Every diet the doctor endorses includes his branded products, which are very expensive. The eating plan on the Perricone Diet is one of the strictest was have come across. Many foods considered healthy by other diet gurus are out of the question on the Perricone Diet. WebMD publishes the complete list of foods to avoid on the Perricone Diet.

List of Ingredients

Diet based on eliminating inflammatory foods. Foods not allowed on the diet include alcohol, breads, flour, coffee, cereal, granola, duck, beef, fruit juice, grapes, mangoes, oranges, papaya, raisins, watermelon, carrots, corn, peas, potatoes, pumpkin, pasta, pizza, rice, soda (all types), sugar and hard cheeses.

Product Features

After eliminating the inflammatory foods, the dieter is left with low starch vegetables, poultry and fish. Pork is allowed on the diet, so the dieter can consume bacon, one of the most processed foods on the market, but lean beef is out of the question. There is no mention of fats on the list of unapproved foods, but we assume the doctor prefers healthy fats as long as corn oil is not consumed.

Dieters are also given a list of foods encouraged by the Perricone Diet. Most are rich in vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3s are healthy for the heart and may discourage inflammation, so they are ideal for the Perricone plan. What does inflammation have to do with weight loss? When a dieter is overweight, the body is in a constant state of inflammation. Reducing that inflammation may reduce pain and increase energy.

The Perricone Diet supports supplementation for improved health, but the doctor may go a bit overboard. There are at least 25 supplements on the list to take daily. These supplements are branded by Dr. Perricone, increasing the profit the doctor makes from dieters.

Despite the healthy advice included in the Perricone Diet, there are some claims that science cannot support. The doctor links sugar to deterioration of the body. He also claims wrinkles are like injuries to the body.

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  • The Perricone Diet supports eating omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Much of the diet plan is available free online.


  • The doctor uses his diet to promote product and supplement sales.
  • Not all of the claims are based on scientific fact.


The dieter may want to eliminate inflammatory foods for improved health, but the drastic nature of the Perricone Diet may take it a bit too far.

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