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The Perricone Promise is a program that focuses on anti-aging through nutrition and lifestyle. Though not strictly a weight loss plan, the Perricone Promise is a full body wellness plan. The focus on nutrition in this plan , and the fact that the man who made the Perricone Promise, Nicholas Perricone, is a dermatologist, are unique to this plan. Not only is there an emphasis on the body not aging, the Perricone Promise also focuses on how nutrition affects the skin and how a person looks when he eats well.

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The types of foods promoted in the Perricone Promise are lean proteins, fruits with antioxidants, and vegetables. The actual diet part of the Perricone plan is usually 28 days long. The point is to change eating habits during these 28 days and to finish having prevented some aging. The aim is also to change one’s lifestyle, so the Perricone Promise is also a lifestyle change that uses the 28 day eating plan to alter habits and develop new good habits that will last longer than the 28 days.

Because Nicholas Perricone is a dermatologist, there is also an anti-aging skin care line that goes with the plan. This is unique because not many lifestyle diet plans come with a skin care line that assists the nutritional aims of the diet plan. It seems that the skin care line is the best way of seeing results in the skin after following the diet plan. The skin care line may also enhance the effects of consuming antioxidants.

The Perricone Promise is not specifically aimed at a quick weight loss like other diet plans, but the focus on nutrition is beneficial and probably will lead to weight loss, as any positive change in nutrition is certain to help in weight loss.

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  • Focuses on anti-aging from the inside and outside.
  • Is a lifestyle change, not a quick-fix diet.


  • Not specifically a diet plan, so weight loss is not guaranteed.
  • Someone following this plan will probably need to also pay for the skin care set to see the full results.
  • Healthier foods tend to be more expensive than junk foods.


The Perricone Promise is a good plan for someone willing to commit to a lifestyle change and spend a little more on purchasing the skin care line that is essential to the anti-aging benefits. Weight loss is not specifically guaranteed on this plan, but it does help establish the good habits necessary for losing weight and staying healthy. It might not be a quick solution to weight loss, but it seems that the Perricone Promise can be beneficial for someone who wants to start living a healthy life and who wants a permanent solution to well-being.

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