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The Perricone Weight Loss Plan is focused on losing weight through eating the right foods. It is a book that has information for the reader in it that is supposed to help one figure out the best foods to eat. The focus of the plan is to lose weight, so there is a meal plan that needs to be followed for 14 days. The diet is called “anti-inflammatory” in the book, and the 14 day meal plan is supposed to have an anti-aging benefit in addition to starting weight loss.

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The goal of this plan is to lose weight, with anti-aging as a benefit of the weight loss. The foods that one eats on this diet are designed to be the best for the dieter to eat so that he will lose weight and get healthy. Despite the 14 day plan, this is not necessarily a diet. It may be treated as such, but the Perricone plan is also good for total health. It is not a quick solution for weight loss, but rather a guide for being healthy and feeling good.

One of the emphases in the book is on taking special supplements, which apparently are essential for the plan to work the way it should. The supplements recommended can be purchased from Perricone himself, a dermatologist, and are also expensive. Within the book are guides for checking seafood safety, finding good stores to find organic foods, and recipes that give detailed nutrition facts about the foods included in the recipes. This plan is not a quick solution for weight loss, so a person must be committed to this plan and be ready to change habits in order to see results.

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  • Focus on changing the way one eats and eating nutritious foods to change a lifestyle.
  • Urges supplement usage, so extra vitamins are sure to benefit the person following the plan.


  • The supplements from Perricone are expensive.
  • Requires a commitment instead of a casual usage of the plan.
  • Healthy food can be more expensive, especially if it is organic.


The Perricone Weight Loss Plan is one of several guides by Nicholas Perricone that promote overall wellness for the reader. The Perricone Weight Loss Plan is one that focuses especially on weight loss for the person following it. The emphasis on using foods to improve the body is a strength for this plan, but the supplements that are almost required could be something that would stop some users from participating in this plan because of the expense. If one is willing to commit to a healthier lifestyle and willing to spend more on organic foods and supplements, then the Perricone Weight Loss Plan seems to be a strong plan that can help someone have a better quality of life in addition to losing weight.

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