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The Petite Advantage by Jim Karas is a diet plan for women who are 64-inches or shorter; often referred to as petite. Petite women are at a disadvantage because their healthy weight is far less than taller peers. The author also claims that he can help petite women look lean and long. There is no way for this book to actually change the height of a petite person, but it could give advice on how to work certain muscles to create a leaner, longer look.

Jim Karas is an author, weight loss expert and quite the business expert. He holds a degree from the Wharton School of Business, quite the educational feat. But, it is his 20 years of experience in the world of healthy eating and fitness that qualify him to teach others about nutrition and weight loss. The author has authored other books including three that have landed him on the New York Times Best Seller list.

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  • Book on looking leaner and longer for petite women.

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We constantly remind dieters that no one diet or supplement is perfect for every dieter. Some dieters can take lots of caffeine and do so to boost metabolism and energy. Other dieters cannot take caffeine at all and they choose non-stimulant fat burners with good results. There are also fitness plans designed for beginners, intermediates and advanced users. However, there are few programs designed for the taller or shorter dieter who wants to lean out and get in shape.

Reviews for The Petite Advantage are mixed. Some dieters love the idea of working out and eating for a petite person, but other readers claim the information is presented in a cheesy manner with a salesman like flare. Behind that flare, however, is a diet that is customized for petite women. Petite women have to eat less than taller women – about 900 calories less according to Karas.

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  • The book is designed to help petite dieters learn why it is so hard to lose weight.
  • The program is designed for people who burn fewer calories naturally.
  • The diet offers food choices that help reduce hunger.


  • The program may be difficult to follow for some dieters.
  • The plan expects petite dieters to eat about 900 calories less than taller dieters.


The Petite Advantage Diet is a good addition to a healthy weight loss plan for petite dieters. Being petite means having less body mass and requiring fewer calories on a day to day basis. Society does not differentiate between petite and taller individuals when it comes to nutrition, so this program is good for setting realistic calorie goals for regular diet and weight loss.

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