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The Pilates Body is a Pilates and personal training gym in Willowbrook, Illinois. There are no other locations, so dieters must live in or around the Willowbrook area to visit the gym. Pilates is a total body workout that typically involves using expensive machines, floor work and elongating stretches. Many of the moves require fast-paced repetitions, which could be difficult for the beginner. The gym offers consultations, private workouts, group sessions and couples workouts. There is also general personal training with resistance and weight exercises.

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Pilates and personal training gym in Willowbrook, Illinois.

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There are five trainers at the Pilates Body, four are certified and all must meet continuing education requirements to continue training at the gym. Packages are sold on a per person basis, but must be used within four months of purchase. Classes are available on a scheduled basis, so the dieter must be free during gym class hours to take part in classes.

The Pilates Body uses the teachings of Joseph Pilates as the basis for class instruction. The specific method of Pilates used at the gym is called STOTT Pilates. STOTT Pilates incorporates newer medical theories into older Pilates methods. There are more than 200 exercises in STOTT Pilates.

Dieters wishing to take part in The Pilates Body classes must live near the gym as there is only one location. This limits the number of people who can partake in the weight loss program. Pilates is based on strengthening core muscles, including pelvic and back muscles.

Dieters new to the Pilates experience may wish to read more about Pilates before signing up for a class. The art of Pilates is difficult to follow and may require some basic fitness skills.

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  • Pilates is a total body workout.
  • Several class options are available from The Pilates Body.
  • Prices are lower if participants sign up in groups.


  • Pilates is difficult and strenuous.
  • The packages sold by The Pilates Body must be used within four months.
  • Dieters must change personal schedules to match up with gym schedules.


The Pilates Body is an ideal solution for a dieter in the Willowbrook, Illinois area. If a dieter lives outside that area, they may be able to find a local gym offering Pilates courses. The cost of Pilates classes tend to be more expensive than other gym classes because of specialty equipment.

Dieters new to Pilates may have difficulty making it through the program. The Pilates Body suggests taking at least five classes to see a change in the body. There is no mention of weight loss or diet tips and none of the staff are trained in nutrition.

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