The Rave Diet Third Edition Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Rave Diet & Lifestyle has been expansively updated for its Third addition. This update does not have and Eating DVD. This book describes a program specifically designated to change your diet and lifestyle. These programs can assist in weight loss, as well as help in preventing a very wide spectrum of diseases such as; heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

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The Third Edition of The Rave Diet & Lifestyle is written by Mike Anderson. This 252 word book is packed with updated documents, various sections and of course recipes. Mike Anderson will show you how to reach your desired weight loss goals by explaining why it is so hard for Americans to lose weight. He also goes into detail about how modern diets don’t work and you should stick to a more old fashioned diet. Back in the day, obesity wasn’t a problem because all of the nutrition food that was eaten. p>

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  • Author presents a very compelling debate on the misconception of modern diets. li>
  • This is an affordably priced product.


  • This book was very poorly written
  • Some facts were contradicting
  • This diet was very drastic and lacked in nutritional content


Mike Anderson outlines in this book how it is important to get away from fad diets and begin a diet based on what was eaten many years ago. This book goes in full detail about how America’s biggest killer is cancer and cardiovascular disease. This book will also tell you how our government is promoting diseases that are coming from diets. Even though The Third Edition of The Rave Diet & Lifestyle has been extensively updated, many readers of this book claim that it was poorly written, edited, and put together. It is also noted that it scared them because they were trying to say that tanning beds were safe, cows milk carries leukemia virus, and even olive oil leads to squamous and basal cancer. I would not read a book and take their advice after seeing a review of that nature. If losing weight is something that you have been trying to do, it’s always best to speak with your health care professional. They will be able to assist you in finding a weight loss program which will include a well balanced diet in combination with daily exercise. Never begin any weight loss program without speaking to a very well qualified doctor. Some diets work for some while other people have a very hard time losing weight. You must out weigh the pro’s and con’s based on your medical history.

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