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The Rotation Diet is a system that was created by Martin Kathan. He is the director of the Vanderbuilt University Weight Management Program. In this review we will take a look at this particular diet and try to use the information available to us to try and determine if this diet is one that may appeal to the general public.

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The process of the Rotation Diet appears to be a very simple process. This is a system that is said to be used over a four week period. In the first three days of this diet you start with the lowest number of calories that is stated which is 600 calories for women and 1200 calories for men for each of these three days. Then you would increase your calorie intake to 900 calories for women and 1500 calories for men for the next four days. And the last set is done for a full week. The caloric intake that is stated for this period is 1200 for women and 1800 for men. After this cycle is completed you repeat the cycle once again. After the cycle is repeated it is said that you can return to your normal eating habits. The theory of how this is actually supposed to work is it is supposed to keep your metabolism balanced because of the “vacation” period that is allowed during the process.

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  • This diet appears as though it can be very affordable.
  • Recipe tips appear to be included.
  • It may actually be an effective weight loss system.


  • This diet plan is considered to be out dated because of the fact that it is over 20 years old.
  • When going over some of the consumer reviews a lot of negative feedback was found.
  • Due to the low caloric intake some may consider this diet to be extreme and unhealthy.
  • Must watch the diet carefully during the off weeks.


While some people may believe that this diet could be useful for losing weight, there still comes the argument of whether or not the diet is actually healthy. In fact recent studies may show that it is not even necessarily how much you eat, but it has to do more with what you eat instead. Most doctors would agree that cutting calories back that far is not a very good for the overall health of your body. Since this was developed over 20 years ago most of the information would be considered to be outdated anyway because of all of the advances and new research that have been done that reveals that you actually have to eat to lose weight. Furthermore, no suggested appetite suppressants were found during this review. It seems as though if a form of starvation was the expected task in order to achieve weight loss with this particular program, then it may be taken into consideration that an appetite suppressant would be a nice thing to have to curb those hunger pains that are to be well expected.

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16 User Reviews about The Rotation Diet

  • 1

    Best diet book ever. I agree with everyone’s positive comments. It works. Really only first three days (i.e. super low calorie levels ) are tough… Oh, and if you are addicted to sugar it will also be tough. Teaches you what you should eat, and what size portions you really should be eating.

    I lost 34 lbs… and have used it over many years to get those few pounds off when I’ve been bad (i.e. a summer of ice cream and frozen cocktails!! ) WORKS EVERY TIME. WORKS FAST!!


  • 2

    I’m 49 and have 15 lbs to loose. Picked up the book a B&N. Can,t wait to give it a try.


  • 3

    I, too, tried this diet about 25 years ago. I lost a few pounds. I was in my early thirties than. Now I am much heavier. I decided to try this diet again about 2 weeks ago. So far, I have lost over 10 pounds. I have a long way to go, but I believe with exercise, lots of water, and this diet, I will make it.


  • 4

    This is the only diet throughout the years that has ever worked for me. I felt great and looked healthy when was on it. After the first 3 days the hunger is minimal and can be satisfied with the healthy free fruits. Love it.


  • 5
    It Works!

    As with everyone else, I also bought this book 25 years ago. Over the years it has been great to get back to healthy eating and portion control. As of the middle of January, I have lost 33 lbs and I am back on it to lose at least 20 more. I have increased my exercise from once to sometimes twice a day. If you want to experience slower weightloss and more food, follow the 1200 calorie week all the time. Good Luck


  • 6

    I lost a lot of weight with the rotation diet 25 years ago. I eventually gained weight back after 2 children. Started on the diet on August 1 and as of October 1, I have lost 40 lbs. I know it is low calorie but you don’t starve…eat lots of free veggies like lettuce and cucumbers and eat your safe fruit. Exercise is very important. You eat from all food groups and you exercise. This diet makes sense to me. It works!


  • 7

    Stopped smoking in ’84 and went from 195 to 245 within a years time. Found the Rotation Diet book and religously went for it. After about 9 months of rotations and working at maintaining the lower weight between rotations I reduced to 185. After going back to normal eating, albiet with better choices weight leveled out at 198. Now with age have crept up 20 lbs or so. Always wondered what the effect was on critical muscles such as the heart during the rotations. Might try again if I can find the book.


  • 8

    Like ‘sharon’ above, I first tried this diet over 20 years ago. I was in college, had put on a few pounds, and my cholesterol was way above average. My doctor recommended the diet, and it worked beautifully. The thing about this diet is that it teaches you how to eat healthy. The only times I’ve had a problem with my weight is when I strayed from the principles of this diet. Recently, my husband and I decided to get back on this diet. The great thing about it is that even in the low calorie days, you really don’t get hungry because there is plenty of food to eat. (If you get hungry, have your safe fruit.) My husband and I have each lost over 30 pounds since the beginning of March. We love the food, and we feel great. We will be putting the principles of this diet into practice when we come off the diet completely.


  • 9

    I have done this diet in the past and it works wonderfully. Using the Man’s program I find that if I stick to the particular foods, that I do not suffer hunger pains when using the safe fruits allowed. I’ve had execellent results with it.


  • 10

    It is now 2010 and I am 20 years old and I have just started the diet with my mother. We have both lost up to 10 pounds in the four weeks and we have never felt healthier! Granted, I’m young and maybe that offsets anything negative but if my mother can do it then I believe many can as well. To me this diet was a miracle and even I thought it was outdated but my results and my overall stamina prove to me that I have nowhere to go but up. Give this diet a chance, it’s still relevant today and I know it can help so many people.


  • 11

    I’ve had this book several years and have tried the women’s diet several times but due to kidney stones exacerbated by fast weight loss, I had to go off after a few days; however, I picked up the book last night and am going to try again, using the men’s plan which will give me a slower weight loss. Please pray for me as I am 170 pounds overweight and I need all the prayer and encouragement I can get from all of you out there. I’m 59 and this may be my last chance to get healthy. Thank you.


  • 12

    I am so happy for the web. I had lost my book about 4 years ago. I have just undergone surgery over the holidays that had bed ridden me for a while and well here came the pounds. The only way I know how to loose the weight and keep it off is the Rotation diet. I will let you all know my progress once I start the diet again. 20 years later…. Let’s see.


  • 13

    used this diet in 86/87,lost 136 lbs in 9mths.,kept it off for 9 years untill thyroid stopped ended up being cancer and am going to try it again hoping it will work even after surgey
    to remove the thyroid



    I used it in 87 too..and it worked great! I’m a male…and I’m looking for my book to get the men’s diet again..(I need to drop 20). Wish I could pull it up and print it online.


  • 14

    The diet is great! The first time i did it (20 yrs. ago) I lost 38lbs. and never felt better. I never had a weight problem again untin a few yrs. ago when I stopped eating healthy, which is what the diet teaches you to do. Also, I love it because you get results quickly!!!!!!!!!! Where as with weight watchers and most of the oher diets you are lucky if you loose a pound or two a wk.. I still have the book and I wil continue to use it need be. This time around I lost 23lbs in 21 days. I have about that much more to go I’ve just started it again..Oh yea, not to mention Dr.Katahn is wonderful, i meant him when I did the diet 20yrs. ago.



    Good Luck! I was contemplating trying it but you talked talked me into it!