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Lester Levenson, a physicist and entrepreneur, created the Sedona Method. When he was 42, his doctors told him he would die soon because of kidney stones, stomach ulcers, and an enlarged liver among other health problems. Determined to prove them wrong, he did so by discovering that you must realize your unlimited potential and “let go of your inner limitations” to achieve true peace and health. Since its inception, the Sedona Method claims to liberate you by improving your financial status, promoting loving, healthy relationships, providing peace, happiness, and joy, and giving you mental, emotional, and physical health.

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The Sedona Method primarily focuses on liberation, letting go of suppressed emotions and stressful feelings. If you continue to harbor these feelings, you will live a stressful, unhealthy life. However, once you have freed yourself from these feelings, you can begin to live a peaceful, healthy life. The founder Levenson claims that having suppressed feelings about your health problems and ineffective medical treatments will prevent your body’s self-healing abilities. Also, he claims that you will continue to endure unwanted stress when you suppress your emotions. Once you liberate yourself from undesirable feelings, your feelings of stress, pain, and discomfort will dissolve. You will supposedly have the self-control to govern your body and support its healing process.

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  • The Sedona Method claims to be simple to use. If you understand the principle of liberation, then you understand the basic principle of the Sedona Method.
  • The Sedona Method has positive customer reviews. On its website, there are several testimonials that praise the effects of the Sedona Method. Even on Amazon, most reviewers believe the Sedona Method has helped them significantly.
  • The Sedona Method is risk-free. You can purchase the materials for this method, and if you’re dissatisfied with the product, you can send it back within 180 days and receive a full refund from the company.


  • The Sedona Method is expensive. For a simple program, it has an expensive price tag. Purchasing the 20-CD set costs $300.
  • The Sedona Method is not a panacea. While claiming to cure cancer and other terminal illnesses, changing your emotional outlook will not conveniently heal your body from all its maladies.
  • The Sedona Method is narrow-minded. Liberation may be one way to improve your physical health. However, a nutritional diet and exercise program are other factors essential to living a well-balanced life.
  • The Sedona Method lacks specificity. On the website, the company gives broad, generalized statements that claim you can free yourself from sickness and depression without providing specific, detailed steps to achieve that freedom.


On the positive side, the Sedona Method has a simple strategy that anyone can follow. It also has a 180-day risk free trial, which guarantees your money back if you’re unhappy with the product. On the negative side, this method is much too expensive for what it offers. It also has a narrow focus with bold claims, which are unsubstantiated by medical researchers.

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