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Many women are looking for a quick boost to shed post-baby weight or reduce the pounds that creep on through the years. On the other hand, some prefer a natural approach to healthy eating habits. This book, “The Seven Secrets of Slim People” by Vikki Hansen and Shawn Goodman, fits into the second category.

Hansen, with experience in treating eating disorders, and Goodman, with her background in marketing and journalism, joined together to present a package of motivational materials specifically geared toward women. On their website, you can find their 336 page book for $15.95. They also sell audio tapes of their lectures for $29.95, as well as various combinations of the audio tapes, book, and other material. The same book can be found on for only $3.49 plus shipping for a new copy or $0.74 plus shipping for a used copy.

List of Ingredients

The Seven Secrets of Slim People does not sell food products nor list required or prohibited ingredients. Their premise is that you can get slim by listening to your body and eating whatever it requires.

Product Features

Seven chapters present the Seven Secrets of Slim People, one at a time. Information is presented in simple, straight-forward bullet points on one page with a catchy slogan in even larger print on the opposite page. The authors’ intention is to present life-changing information using memorable catch phrases which will help you create new eating habits.

Each chapter concludes with a worksheet to help the reader personalize the previous information, make a plan of action and implement changes throughout the next week. Even though the book could easily be read in one setting, the idea is to work on one chapter per week. By the end of seven weeks, she should have made progress towards weight loss and formed healthy habits.

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  • “The Seven Secrets of Slim People” is cheap enough that it is worth a try, even if you decide you need more information or a dietary supplement to aid in your weight loss.
  • This approach to weight loss does not require expensive equipment, special ingredients nor the elimination of your favorite foods.


  • The book does not present a thorough case for its premise. It is a motivational book, not a textbook or an instruction manual.
  • The website for The Seven Secrets of Slim People offers access to all the authors’ products, but they are expensive and not very practical. The marketing blurb suggests listening to the tapes in your car, but do cars still even come with tape decks?
  • The Seven Secrets of Slim People approach to weight loss dismisses all dietary supplements with no regard for individual needs. It also neglects the subjects of nutrition and regular exercise.
  • Even though the book is 336 pages long, some reviewers consider it is too elementary. It wastes a lot of space through the use of large font types and bullet points.


Many people will appreciate a helpful handbook for avoiding the common problem of regaining weight after a weight loss program. It received many favorable reviews. However, it probably could be used in combination with healthy supplements and other dieting products.

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