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The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan by Dr. Michael Breus PhD claims that women have trouble losing weight because they do not get enough sleep. Stress, family matters, the environment and life in general keep women from getting the rest the body needs and that results in fatigue, decreased health and weight gain. Breus attempts to teach women how to improve sleep and claims that once sleep improves, women can achieve a more natural weight.

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  • Weight loss plan focusing on the need for improved sleep to lose weight.

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From the time children are born parents face sleep deprivation. Often women are left taking care of the children while men work, despite big changes in the workplace for women. Women are constantly pushing their bodies to the extreme, attempting to be everywhere at one time and that causes great stress. Add a job into the mix and maybe some financial troubles and a few extra pounds that didn’t leave when the children were born and you’ve got the recipe for prolonged sleep deficiency. Life without proper sleep can lead to weight gain, fatigue and chronic health problems. Breus seems to think that solving the overweight and obesity problem for some women requires nothing more than solving then poor sleep problem.

The Lose Weight Through Better Sleep book is the Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan. He teaches the reader tricks for getting a better night’s rest. You will learn how to fall asleep faster, stay asleep better and stop that tossing and turning that keeps you up most of the night. While it is not mentioned in the book description, achieving improved sleep may also stop overnight eating that could be contributing to weight gain.

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  • The book focuses on weight loss from a new perspective.
  • Many women have trouble getting enough sleep.
  • Sleep deprivation can lead to excessive caffeine consumption and excessive eating – making it hard to lose weight.


  • There are medical causes for sleep problems that may not be addressed by Breus.
  • Altering sleep patterns may not result in weight loss.
  • Not all women have trouble sleeping.


The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan is a program to improve sleep. We love the idea of sleeping better and as a result, eating better, but we are unsure that all dieters will achieve the weight loss they desire by following the ideas outlined in the book. If there are problems at home, health issues and other problems that could be causing sleep issues they may not be affected by the techniques explained in the book.

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