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The SMART Technique creators claim they can help overweight individuals lose weight in through just thirty minutes everyday. The program consists of three main steps: 1) figuring out what habits are causing you to gain weight and keep that weight on, 2) deciding, based on those bad habits you’ve discovered, what good habits you need to implement into your life, and 3) listening to the messages on the SMART Technique which, supposedly, use psychological tools to help you change your habits.

Essentially, the SMART Technique system seems to operate off of one simple premise. Weight gain comes as a result of bad habits and weight loss comes as a result of replacing those bad habits with good ones. The SMART Technique seeks to provide dieters with the tools needed to recognize the bad habits and the psychological impetus needed to change them. However, many experts may debate whether anyone can achieve notable results through psychological means alone.

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Product Features

According to the company website, the SMART Technique generally retails for $239 but currently is available in 6 monthly payments of $19.99 for a total of $119.94. This price includes all five parts of the Smart program: 1) a CD of special mental exercises to help boost mental progress, 2) Ten 30 minute programs, 3) The option to contact a specialist for help, 4) A set of books and quizzes to help dieters discover what their own bad habits are, 5) Another set of books to help dieters decide how to change those bad habits.

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  • The SMART Technique can be returned, for any reason, within eight weeks of purchase.
  • The program currently sells at a discounted price.
  • Disadvantages

  • The SMART Technique operates off of a poorly explained psychological basis.
  • The program is probably too expensive for most people, especially when so little concrete evidence for its efficacy is offered.
  • The official website provides a limited amount of before and after photos.
  • Although the mind is an important part of weight loss, no one can achieve substantial change without consistent exercise and a sensible diet.
  • Conclusion

    The SMART Technique operates off of the premise that bad habits require a internal change. Although this believe has some truth, interested dieters will want to practice caution before purchasing the dieters. No weight loss can happen through the mind alone. Forcing yourself to eat right and exercise often, even when you don’t want to, is imperative to achieving maximum weight loss. Dieters considering the Smart Technique program should make decisions carefully and, at the very least, use the SMART Technique in conjunction with a carefully planned diet and exercise routine rather than the primary part of their weight loss program.

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    4 User Reviews about The SMART Technique

    • 1

      I too have done the Smart Technique program and LOVE it. I also bought it about 6 or 7 years ago and still use it. When I am restless and cannot sleep, it soothes me and puts me right to sleep. It also helped me to lose about 35 pounds while not being hungery during that dieting time. It does have a meal planning section and also an exercise tracking section. Anyone who thinks this product doesn’t work has obviously not used it or even thoroughly evaluated the program.


    • 2

      I think this review leaves a lot to be desired. First of all, the main disadvantage listed is that one needs to implement diet and exercise and not just mental techniques in order t o lose weight, but the entire point of the program is to change your ways of thinking so that you will be compelled to make healthier choices as far as food and your level of activity are concerned as opposed to taking a pill that changes you physically, but will never stop you from binge eating when you’re sad or bored. The program makes you WANT to eat well and exercise instead of making you continue the yo-yo dieting because you consider eating well and exercising a necessary evil or a chore.

      I bought this program six or seven years ago and it worked. It worked really well. It helped me change my behaviours and bad habits so I could make the right choices effortlessly in the future. I still listen to the CDs all the time when I want to relax and wake up feeling awesome.
      Don’t knock it, because you clearly haven’t tried it.



      Thanks for this post. I just recently purchased the product and the cds make me feel so calm and relaxed. I am loving the program so far.


    • 3

      Question about the 6 weeks loose weight plan exercises.
      What if you don’t have a door to put the band? How else can the exercises be done?