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The Snack Factor Diet is a book written by Keri Glassman, nutritionist and president of the company KKG Body Fuel Inc., which claims that proper nutritional snacking is the key to safe, effective, and long-term weight loss. Her book contains information detailing the diet, along with over 100 recipe ideas for creating low calorie snacks. The Snack Factor Diet is backed up by several studies explaining the positive benefits of snacking. Numerous big-name retail and internet sites carry this book, including Barnes and Noble and

The Snack Factor Diet doesn’t claim to be a miracle worker, which is a good thing, and only claims to help improve your ability to lose weight by utilizing snacks in your diet. Reviews are mixed about this book, but plenty of dieter testimonials claim they enjoyed this diet — and lost weight. This may not benefit all dieters, however.


This is a book, therefore it contains no ingredients.

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In The Snack Factor Diet, Glassman claims that snacking is the key to long term weight loss because it helps keep you full, makes you more energetic, and keeps your metabolism up by constantly supplying your body with carefully selected food. This approach is actually suggested by many physicians, and many suggest eating up to five small meals a day to keep your metabolism up, along with your energy. These snacks are meant to satisfy dieters between big meals, however, suggesting three meals per day plus the snacks Glassman provides in her Snack Factor Diet book. This is an issue with some physicians, who think eating five nutritionally-based small meals provides more benefits than snacking throughout the day. Nevertheless, Glassman’s snacks are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, naturally-based and containing little to no additives. These snacks are very affordable and easy to make, which should please dieters.

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  • The Snack Factor Diet snacks are very nutritional and packed full of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Based on Glassman’s findings when studying nutrition, and she is a highly qualified nutritionist.


  • Some physicians disagree with Glassman and think eating actual meals provides a better benefit to overall health.
  • Is not an actual diet plan – just a book containing healthy , nutritionally-based recipes.
  • There is no actual proof that this will allow dieters to lose weight.
  • Not everyone enjoys reading books like The Snack Factor Diet, or has the willpower to follow this kind of advice.


Dieting wisely is the key to happiness, and Glassman believes this happiness is derived from keeping yourself full between meals with carefully selected snacks. You can’t go wrong with these Snack Factor Diet snacks, and there seem to be nothing but good things to say about these nutritionist-approved snacks. This is not a solid diet plan, though, and dieters looking for a more guided approach are advised to look for a different book to satisfy all of their needs. However, The Snack Factor Diet definitely makes some good points about nutrition and health eating.

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