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The Solution appears as though it is a book that was written in order to inform you of the complications of the weight loss and weight gain process. This book was written by Laurel Millen. It appears as if it is a six part program that literally walks the readers through what tends to be a complicated process at times. In this review we will attempt to go over the information that is available to us so that we may determine whether or not this six part process may help you to lose weight and keep it off.


What this book seems to contain is a six part program that may help you to address the underlying problems that may be causing the person that is overweight to over eat. In other words, it may help to deal with issues that may be associated with emotional eating.

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This is said to be a book that was written and designed to help certain people take a different approach to weight loss. This is said to be different first of all, because there are no diets that appear to be listed in the content of this book. It also appears as if there are no types of weight loss supplements that need to be taken. Now, you may really be confused when I tell you that there also seems to be no type of exercise programs either. In fact, it appears as though this book may be based on purely psychological type theories. It is said that this program may involve nothing more than trying to change your way of thinking. First, we believe that emotional issues that one may have will be addressed during this process. Then, it may administer some type of psychological advice that may help some readers to understand what kind of trauma or instances may have happened in their lives that could have possibly created there problem with overeating and their weight gain problems. It is believed that once these problems are addressed then the healing process may begin and the reader may begin to recover from their problem, thus eliminating the problem of overeating, or emotional eating, as some may call it.

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  • This book appears as though it may not be expensive.
  • May help some people recognize that they are emotional eaters.
  • May help people that are emotional eaters to form a sensible diet.


  • This approach may not be realistic to some people.
  • There were negative reviews that were found during research.


This book definitely takes a new approach to weight loss that most of us may not have ever thought about. It definitely seems as though it may be somewhat useful, but only to those people who are struggling with emotional eating. It is unrealistic to actually think that all people are dealing with this problem. Therefore it seems as if this may not be a plausible way for the general consumers to lose weight. It is believed that most people are actually more likely to lose weight simply by using a patented and proven weight loss supplement.

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