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What You Should Know

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Written by Connie Guttersen in 2005, The Sonoma Diet claims it can help dieters start achieving their goals in as little as ten days. According to Guttersen, the best way to achieve weight loss is not through deprivation but rather through eating the right, healthful, and tasty foods in balance. Guttersen takes inspiration from the Mediterranean diets, treating food as a beneficial source of enjoyment and pleasure. Sonoma Diet dieters will find themselves eating plenty of vegetables and whole grains with small amounts of lean meat.

Dieters on the Sonoma Diet go through three different phases. In the first phase, they remove processed flour, sugar, and similar foods from their diets. In the second part of the diet, they start learning how to eat for both health and enjoyment. Dieters stay on the second phase until the desired amount of weight is lost. Finally, on phase three, dieters start the lifestyle part of this program. To maintain their weight loss, they’ll will want to keep eating whole grains, vegetables, and lean meats. However, occasional cheating and desserts are now allowed.

List of Ingredients

The Sonoma Diet is a book and dieting program, not a nutritional supplement and therefore has no list of ingredients.

Product Features

The Sonoma Diet is a 320 page book which retails online for under $10. Bookstores will sell the book at a higher rate. Also available is the companion cookbook, The Sonoma Diet Cookbook which contains more than 200 Sonoma friendly recipes. This book sells on Amazon for between $58 and $70.

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  • The Sonoma diet focuses on balanced pleasure instead of deprivation.
  • Doctors give this diet high ratings for its healthfulness.
  • Disadvantages

  • The diet may focus too much on eating and not enough on exercise. For maximum results, all weight loss programs must be combined with adequate exercise.
  • The Sonoma Diet supposedly doesn’t require deprivation. However, during the first phase, dieters must give up processed flours and sugars, staples in most Americans’ diets.
  • The Sonoma Diet Cookbook, although most likely helpful, may be too expensive for most people.
  • Dieters will find this diet requires a higher grocery budget than what they may be used to.
  • Conclusion

    The Sonoma Diet focuses on healthful and balanced eating of quality food as opposed to deprivation and over consumption of “miracle foods.” Due to this approach and the inspiration taken from the Mediterranean, many doctors have given the Sonoma program their approval. Still, despite these positive reviews, dieters should make sure to do their own research not render any program their wholehearted approval. Anyone on the Sonoma program should consider combining it with a workout program as well. Also, no one should start any program, no matter how positive the reviews from the medical field, without first getting their own doctor’s approval.

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