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Most weight loss and diet books have some sort of pitch or methodology that is supposed to make them unique and effective. Well, if you have not heard of the text, “The Spark,” it is a book that focuses on a 28-day program of healthier habits. This text is claimed to offer the most effective weight reduction practices. It provides readers with a four-stage program for transforming your body and your life. Just so you know, is affiliated with this book, and is also provided to assist people with shedding unwanted weight, but through the Internet instead.

The Spark is a 272-page book that can be found online through websites like It sells for around $17 to $25, and only appears to be available in English. Although the author, Chris Downie, is the CEO of, there are no other credentials mentioned for him. According to the reviews posted on, many people have enjoyed The Spark, and benefited from reading it.

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Author Chris Downie wrote the book entitled “The Spark.” Put simply, this is a 28-day weight loss plan. It not only aims to help you get in shape, but it also endeavors to transform your life. It is touted as a “breakthrough” plan suitable for both women and men alike. The Spark combines regular exercise, nutritious eating, goal setting, and motivation to assist dieters with real fat reduction and future health. This text additionally incorporates the power of community, which enables dieters to support one another. The Spark is stated to focus more on what the readers can do for weight reduction and health, as opposed to focusing on what they cannot do. Overall, this book is about changing your idea of what dieting really is, and making it work for you. In this text, you will discover nutrition and fitness plans, as well as convenient step-by-step photos of exercises. Even before and after photos of successful dieters are presented in the book.

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  • Before and after photos are provided in the book.
  • The Spark weight loss plan incorporates both healthy eating and exercise.


  • Not every dieter will appreciate the change in lifestyle this book calls for.
  • There are so many other diet and weight loss books that sound similar to this one.
  • No fat-burning pills or appetite-suppressing supplements are involved with The Spark plan.


Overall, “The Spark” appears to be a helpful book for many dieters. It is nice to see that it encourages both nutritious eating and regular exercise. The only downside for some dieters may be that this text calls for a significant change in lifestyle, which some men and women may not be okay with. In this case, you should check out one of the weight loss formulas that come in a convenient supplement form.

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