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The Spark Solution is a diet and fitness plan designed to change your life and the way you think about health and wellness. The book was created by contributors Stephanie Romine and Becky Hand. The book promises to assist dieters lose a minimum of five pounds in two weeks and teach you how to keep it off.

List of Ingredients


  • Weight loss book by Becky Hand and Stefanie Romine.

Product Features

The Spark Solution is a diet plan from the experts at, one of the largest weight loss communities online. The premise of the book is to change the mindset of the dieter and build on the successes of the past, while changing the failures commonly seen in dieting. The 28-day program is divided into three sections, 14-day Jumpstart, 14-day Let’s Get Start and Tools for Success.

The Jumpstart phase addresses motivation, as well as tips and tricks to create a healthy lifestyle. The information provided is useful, even if you have seen success with weight loss in the past. The second phase, Let’s Get Started switches to meal preparation and fitness. There are diet plans as well as workout schedules.

Tools for Success, the final phase, incorporates what you have learned in the previous 28 days and allows you to use them for long-term success. In the appendix of the book, you will notice additional tools to keep you motivated after the 28 days are over.

The book is available on the official website as well as ecommerce sites such as The price is relatively inexpensive considering the information provided. We located The Spark Solution for approximately $12.

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  • The diet plan uses information from experts and community members of
  • The plan addresses fitness as well as eating habits.
  • The Spark Solution is affordable.


  • The diet plan put time constraints on weight loss.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The diet plan may not be an ideal solution for every dieter.


We like The Spark Solution. The reason is not due to the information provided in the plan, it is due to the results generated by The book utilizes principles, advice and best practices from experts and members to foster a culture of weight loss. The Spark Solution doesn’t feature fad dieting tips and tricks; the plan simply focuses on three aspects of dieting, allowing individuals to achieve long-term weight loss success. The main concern is the timeframe provided in the book. The book states dieters will see noticeable results within 2-weeks. There is no guarantee of weight loss, so in the event dieters do not lose weight, where do they turn? If The Spark Solution eliminated the time constraints, the plan would be basically flawless.

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