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There are so many diet and fitness programs available to consumers today, the choices can become mind numbing. Options include various diets, exercise programs, appetite suppressants, or a combination of the three. The Spectrum offers a different take on losing weight. Instead of thinking about the weight loss process as a diet, or something negative, the Spectrum recommends participants change their entire lifestyle and attitude about food and healthy living. This plan can be customized to help a variety of health problems as well as help people achieve their weight loss goals.


The Spectrum was written by Dr. Dean Ornish, a member of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute. In his early work, as a doctor and researcher, Ornish was able to prove that changing lifestyle and diet could reverse heart disease damage. The culmination of this research has resulted in The Spectrum which teaches people the keys to a healthier life, regardless of any current medical conditions.


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The Spectrum is a diet plan and lifestyle. There are no forbidden foods, no rules, and no reason for dieters to feel guilty. The program combines nutritional information with mental, physical, and spiritual practices designed to create a brand new healthy lifestyle that will also help individuals lose weight. The nutrition portion of the book focuses on a vegetarian and extremely low fat diet. The program encourages aerobic exercise as well as flexibility and resistance training. In order to help enhance the spiritual side of the participant The Spectrum advocates meditation and yoga. Finally, mental health is addressed in the form of advice on the various relationships of the participant. In addition to reading the book, there is also an online community that can provide support and motivation.


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  • This book can easily be found online.
  • Program basics are based on scientific research.
  • An online community is available for advice and support.




  • May not work well for those who need structure.
  • No money back guarantee.
  • There are no convenient appetite suppressants involved with the Spectrum.
  • Difficult to sustain.
  • Require a complete lifestyle change.




If you are looking for a quick weight loss solution, this is not the product for you. If you want to make a commitment to a complete lifestyle change, The Spectrum may be worth considering. The program does offer advice on all aspects of healthy living, and is less restrictive in some ways than many other diet programs. However, it does require a complete lifestyle change that may be difficult for many people or for those who have members in the household who are not so willing for this change.

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