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Alan Hirsch, M.D. developed Sprinkle Thin with the idea that certain flavors help dieters feel fuller faster. According to him, sprinkling his sweet and salty, nonfat, sugar free, and no calorie food flakes on food, helps to satiate cravings and satisfies hunger sooner. One study claims the product helped some dieters lose over 30 pounds within a 6 months.

Despite these positives, dieters will want to view Sprinkle Thin warily. First, the company stopped selling its product in 2004. Although it apparently offers the product again, this time called Sensa Sprinkles, it should still be viewed suspiciously. What made the company go out of business in 2004 may still be a drawback today. Sprinkle Thin has no official website, however Sensa Sprinkles appears to. Those interested in the ideas behind Sprinkle Thin should look into Sensa.

Although this weight loss aid offers an interesting idea, adding taste to your food rather than depriving yourself of flavor in order to lose weight, interested dieters will want to think and research carefully before making any purchases.

List of Ingredients

Sprinkle Thin consists of a combination of sweet and salty minerals, including, malt dextrin and silica. Little other information about ingredients is available.

Product Features

Sprinkle Thin supposedly helps dieters lose weight by adding certain flavors to their food. Supposedly these sprinkles provide the right tastes and smells to cut down on cravings and make your body feel fuller sooner. The company used to sell both the product and an informational book. However, it is no longer in business. Those interested will want to look into Dr. Hirsch’s newer and similar development, Sensa Sprinkles.

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  • Sprinkle Thin contains no calories, fat, or sugar.
  • The product supposedly allows your body to feel fuller faster.
  • Disadvantages

  • Sprinkle Thin is no longer in business.
  • Little ingredient information for these food flakes is available.
  • The product has no official website.
  • The research behind either Sprinkle Thin or Sensa Sprinkles appear to have little backing in the scientific community.
  • Conclusion

    Sprinkle Thin operates off of the theory that certain flavors and smells stimulate the brain, causing them to send “full” messages to the stomach sooner. Although the underlying science behind this theory may have some validity, the actual research behind the development of the food flakes may be lacking. In other words, although some studies hint at the efficacy of this product–real, solid, scientific evidence is lacking. Also, the company is no longer in business, hinting that their product turned out less successful than they anticipated. However, those interested in Sprinkle Thin may want to look into Sensa Sprinkles, developed by the same doctor, which might provide similar results.

    Even those considering Sensa, supposedly an improved version of the original product, should do their research. The product may have the same failings as its predecessor. Contact a doctor before purchasing.

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