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This is a book that was written and developed by many authors. The names of these authors are James O. Hill, John C. Peters, and Bonnie T. Jorthberg. It was published by Worman Publishing Company in New York, New York in 2004. John O. Hill, Ph.D. has a few credentials. Along with his Ph.D. he is the director of the Colorado Center for Human Nutrition, and he is the co-founder of the National Weight Control Registry. John C. Peters also has a Ph.D. and he is the director of Nutrition Science Institute at the Proctor and Gamble Company. In this review we will try to observe the information that is available to us in order to determine whether or not this could be a good approach to successful weight loss.


The Step Diet book.

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The purpose of this book is intended to be a guide that is supposed to point you in the right direction of living a healthy lifestyle that will help you to achieve your weight loss goals and also to give you the necessary tools to keep it off for life. The technique behind this is thought to be teaching people how to become more active and how to decrease their food portions. It is said that this book comes with a step by step program that includes a few simple rules that need to be learned in order to achieve their goals. It comes with detailed tables to help you to keep track of your daily activity and a pedometer that is said to be simple but accurate.

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  • It appears that it can get you off to a good start for beginning a new healthy lifestyle.
  • This may also be a program that can be used in any age group.
  • This diet is said to help you to maintain good muscle mass while you are losing weight.
  • There are claims that no foods will be off limits.


  • Some people may find it difficult or inconvenient to have to keep such detailed track of their daily activities and food consumption.
  • Weight loss in this program may not be considered fast enough to most people.
  • Eating smaller portions may not be appealing to some people.
  • Does not appear to recommend any type of appetite suppressant that some people may feel is necessary in order to keep the hunger feelings at bay while beginning a new program.


The basic theory of this concept appears to be eating less, move more. This is a very basic concept that has been well known for years. In this book the claim is made that you can still eat what you want and lose weight. This could really be misconstrued. Yes, you may still be able to eat your pizza, but only about half of a slice, which is not very filling at all. Most diets these days actually do like to incorporate food types along with appetite suppressants into their diets. This is because if you eat the right foods you can still lose weight successfully while eating higher volumes. The bottom line is while you may be able to lose weight on this diet plan, you may also end up feeling hungry the majority of the time.

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