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The Subway Diet is a weight loss plan that’s geared toward both women and men. This diet plan was made popular by Jared Fogel and his weight loss story. Jared dropped 245 pounds eating only Subway sandwiches, and this earned him a roll as the brand’s spokesman. Like other weight reduction programs, the Subway Diet incorporates some exercise. Users are supposed to at least walk daily, in addition to consuming the Subway sandwiches. Naturally there isn’t any kind of money-back guarantee offered with the Subway Diet, nor are there any free trial samples provided by Subway. This is essentially a diet program that involves “fast food.”

The keys to the Subway Diet are “portion control” and “low fat meals.” At this point Subway restaurants offer seven different sandwiches that contain six grams of fat or less. In addition, the Subway Diet offers baked chips and water to drink. Condiments such as oil and mayonnaise are avoided, as is cheese. The goal is to only consume a total of 1000 calories each day. Naturally the Subway Diet can be taken advantage of as long as you live near a Subway restaurant. The official Subway website reveals the nutritional value of each sandwich. Prices may vary, depending upon where you live. The only Subway Diet testimonial offered on the website is from Jared Fogel. There aren’t any dietary supplements or pills incorporated into this weight loss plan.

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The Subway Diet is a weight loss plan that involves Subway sandwiches and regular walking. This diet plan is suitable for both women and men of all ages. There are no key ingredients, appetite suppressants or fat burners involved with the Subway Diet. This diet program is available to anyone who lives near a Subway restaurant. Low-fat Subway meals are consumed daily, and these consist of sandwiches, baked chips and water. Subway does offer 7 different 6-inch subs that contain less than 6 grams of fat, giving dieters some variety. When consumed regularly in conjunction with daily exercise, the Subway Diet is claimed to assist with weight loss.

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  • Subway restaurants are easily accessible in most towns and cities across the country.
  • Daily walking/exercise is encouraged with the Subway Diet.


  • There doesn’t appear to be any actual clinical evidence provided to support the effectiveness of the Subway Diet.
  • Buying 2 Subway sandwiches per day could get expensive.
  • No appetite suppressants are offered with the Subway Diet.
  • The Subway Diet calls for a rather drastic diet/lifestyle change, which may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • The only customer testimonial offered on the official subway website is Jared Fogel’s.
  • There are no convenient fat burners involved with the Subway Diet.
  • Obviously, this is not a diet for those who don’t enjoy the taste of Subway sandwiches.


Overall, the Subway Diet is rather unique in comparison to the other “fad” diets currently enjoying a surge in popularity. On the bright side, this diet plan encourages regular exercise. However, it’s important to realize that the Subway Diet calls for a total diet/eating change. The notion that only Subway sandwiches can be eaten may discourage some dieters from trying the Subway Diet plan. Finally, there are no appetite suppressants or simple fat burning supplements incorporated into the Subway Diet, nor is there any kind of 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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  • 1
    John Tyler

    My diet for October of 2014 – all 31 days, is breakfast….then buying a chopped salad (there are 17 different ones with meat, and I always add Swiss cheese). I tried one today (September 27th) to get the cost lined up for October. My food budget was always $300 a month – single guy over 60 yrs old). I made up a list of salads, and will buy one at noon each day and will put the dressings on the side. I will eat one half for lunch – the other half for supper. The cost is $6.42 total. $6.42 X 31 days is $199.02. My Gift Card to myself on October 1st will be for $192.60 after I pay for the first salad that day, so my budget is now $199.02 plus $50.00 for cereals, bread, eggs, bacon, etc. for breakfasts, and for snacks and drinks made of water mixed with Market Basket drink mix powders (delicious). The low carbs should allow me to lose 42 pounds in four months. That is the goal…I will do it. I will be back at the first of November, December and January to report back in here. The target is to drop 14 pounds in October…and be down from 217 to 175 by the end of January. After October’s loss of 14 pounds, I will start up the treadmill and do a half hour a night while watching TV. Snacks and breakfasts are on my diet list posted on the refrigerator. I will have no other foods in my house. John Tyler


  • 2

    I did a modified Subway diet last year. I would eat a protein bar for breakfast, a six inch sandwich for lunch, and a six inch sandwich for dinner (no cheese, no condiments; I stuck mostly with the turkey sandwich). I literally ate only this for six months, and ran about four miles a day, and lost fifty pounds. It was incredibly boring, and I can’t stomach the taste of Subway now, but it did work for me.


  • 3

    Subway is clearly amazing…<3 it


  • 4
    mike blair

    i lost nothing


  • 5
    concetta wadsworth

    I just bought one of your 4gm bkfst sandwiches, Excellent, however why do you not offer fat free creamer or skim milk for the coffee? would be a plus for those of us watching our fat intake.


  • 6

    Here is what I ate for one month – I lost 26lbs, no exercising.

    Date Weight Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    12-Apr 275 Grapefruit 8oz Steak Salad/Tuna
    13-Apr 270 3 bac/2 eggs 8oz Steak Seafood Sub
    14-Apr 268 2 egg/2 bac/3 pancake Seafood Sub Seafood Sub
    15-Apr 267 2 bac/2 eggs 8oz Steak Tuna
    16-Apr 265 HB Egg/Grapefruit Seafood Sub Seafood Sub
    17-Apr 264 Grapefruit/Granola Seafood Sub Seafood Sub
    18-Apr 261 HB Egg/Grapefruit Seafood Sub Seafood Sub
    19-Apr 259 2 Turk bac/2 eggs Seafood Sub Seafood Sub
    20-Apr 258 HB Egg/Grapefruit Turkey Sub Salad/Tuna/Egg
    21-Apr 257 HB Egg Cold Cut Sub Cold Cut Sub/lettuce tuna wrap
    22-Apr 256 HB Egg/Grapefruit Subway Club Subway Club
    23-Apr 257 3 bac/2 eggs Subway Club Subway Club
    24-Apr 258 Yogurt 2 hot dog/Spaghetti Spaghetti
    25-Apr 259 Yogurt Turkey Sub Turkey Sub
    26-Apr 257 2 bac/2 eggs Seafood Sub Seafood Sub
    27-Apr 256 4 bac Chicken Sub Chicken Sub
    28-Apr 255 Yogurt/Orange Seafood Sub Seafood Sub
    29-Apr 255 Grapefruit Buffet Camden Wendys Cburg/Fries/Diet Coke
    30-Apr 257 Grapefruit Turkey Sub Tuna Salad
    1-May 256 Orange/Yogurt Spaghetti Salad
    2-May 254 Orange 8oz Steak/Vegis Tuna/Lettuce
    3-May 253 Orange Mac/Cheese Vegi/chicken
    4-May 252 Pear Spicy Subway Spicy Subway
    5-May 252 Grapefruit La Casa Mexican Almonds/Ham Slices
    6-May 252 English Muffin Turkey Sub Turkey Sub
    7-May 252 Orange Turkey Sub Turkey Sub
    8-May 251 Ham/Cheese muffin Cheese Burger Cheese Burger
    9-May 251 Banana Turkey Sub Turkey Sub
    10-May 250 Ham/Cheese muffin Seafood Sub Seafood Sub
    11-May 250 Banana Black Forest Ham Black Forest Ham
    12-May 249 Banana Seafood Sub



    Are they 6″ or 12″ Subs


  • 7

    Love subway, but found out I have to cut back on salt. How much salt is in the 6″ turkey sandwich?


  • 8

    cool story, bro =D


  • 9
    lady c

    does subwaywork for women and men the samework


  • 10




    Wow that’s awesome.. i weigh 255lbs and i LOVE Veggie Subs from Subway.. What exactly did you eat and do to lose the weight? what kind of Sub and what did you put on it? and how much excercise did you do? Please help me out.. My goal weight is 150lbs.. I really want to try to have another baby, my doctor tells me often the reason why i’m not getting pregnant is because i’m overweight, and well of course obiese.. I hate to hear that.. I already have a 3 year old.. She’s healthy.. I would like advice please.


  • 11

    i like kfc



    thank you for your riveting addition.

    I’m sure we can all relate, here on a web page about subway.


  • 12

    hey vln r v supposed to eat anyhtign wid subway or just subway? doesnt it has too much bread though? i was jsut wondering if u can help me out thanks….


  • 13
    Brigette Manning

    I currently work at a Subway and have chosen to try oit and see if it works. I have my calorie guide and I have joined Fitness Lady.So I’ll keep you updated



    yayayayaayaya i love subway <3 email me


  • 14

    I <3 Subway!!!!!


  • 15

    Have you ever used the subway diet?


  • 16

    The subway diet really works!! i lost about fifteen pounds eating one foot long sandwich a day. However, i ate no cheese, mayo, or fatty meats.