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The Sugar Solution is essentially a diet plan that involves an online membership and a book entitled “The Sugar Solution.” This weight loss program costs $19.95 per month. The Sugar Solution aims to help dieters “balance their blood sugar” and keep it regulated in order to lose weight. This specific diet plan discusses how high blood sugar hinders people from losing weight, and also results in a lack of energy and motivation. The Sugar Solution is meant to be used in conjunction with regular exercise. The official website offers a free diet profile apparatus on the home page that anyone can take advantage of.

With The Sugar Solution diet program, dieters are not expected to discontinue eating all the foods they love. Instead, this diet focuses more on aiding you in selecting foods that you do enjoy, but ones that will help you maintain your body’s blood sugar at the same time. This basically endeavors to prevent the body from storing fat, which is commonly induced by sugar. While everyone needs to maintain a certain blood sugar level, no one needs to exceed a certain unhealthy level. Some crucial features that come with The Sugar Solution are a “personalized diet and fitness program,” “online expert advice,” “message boards,” “recipes and meal plans,” “newsletters” and a “weight tracker.” All in all, this diet program intends to reduce the user’s weight by controlling their blood sugar levels with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Product Features

The Sugar Solution is a diet program consisting of a book and a website. This weight loss system can be used by men or women in order to control their daily blood sugar, ideally resulting in weight reduction. While The Sugar Solution does not incorporate diet pills or supplements, it does involve online tools that offer the dieter professional advice, recipes, newsletters, a weight tracker, message boards and a personalized exercise and eating program. The Sugar Solution costs $19.95 per month and is most effective if combined with a regular fitness regimen.

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  • Regular exercise is encouraged with The Sugar Solution diet program.
  • The official website offers a free diet profile tool.
  • The Sugar Solution diet does not involve any diet pills that could lead to side effects.


  • There doesn’t appear to be any significant clinical evidence supporting The Sugar Solution.
  • The official website tools may be somewhat confusing for some individuals.
  • The Sugar Solution does not appear to offer consumer testimonials.
  • The Sugar Solution does not come with a money-back guarantee.
  • The Sugar Solution diet plan involves a lifestyle change that may be too disruptive for some dieters.
  • The Sugar Solution program does not offer any supplements that curb hunger or assist with burning calories.


The Sugar Solution diet plan is interesting in some aspects. The notion of controlling blood sugar levels to reduce unwanted body weight may be helpful for some individuals. On the other hand, this particular diet program may be a bit too life altering for some dieters that do not wish to examine the food they consume so closely. Furthermore, The Sugar Solution would be more appealing to some individuals if it came with a money-back guarantee, a few consumer testimonials, or at least some clinical evidence regarding its effectiveness.

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    Is this the same program as the one by Dr. Hyman