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The Sunslim Diet is an E-book developed by Joy Siegrist M.D., who claims to hold the key to rapid, safe weight loss. The basic premise of The Sunslim Diet is eating certain foods to achieve a metabolic balance in the body. Currently sold through their website for $24.95, the website itself is very vague, only offering minimal insight into its system and plenty of inspirational but equally vague testimonials.

The Sunslim Diet’s premise is simple: eat as much as you want every day without taking pills, any special diet foods, or synthetic ingredients to lose weight quickly. Some people report losing up to 70 lbs. Siegrist tells consumers that they will lose weight by eating a special combination of foods explained in the book — this combination stimulates metabolic production in the body, allowing you to burn off more calories without starving or doing exercise. It sounds like the Sunslim Diet is naturally based, but without further information available, this cannot be guaranteed.


The Sunslim Diet contains no ingredients.

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The Sunslim Diet’s main driving point is that you do not need to sacrifice anything – the amount you eat, exercise, or major dietary habits – to lose weight, and the actual secret to losing weight with this program is not limiting your intake or exercise. The Sunslim Diet claims this secret is the types of food you eat, which can stimulate metabolic production when eaten, which in turn allows you to eat as much as you want – just as long as you eat these combination of specific foods. Unfortunately, Siegrist never specifies what these foods are, and you must purchase the book to find out these details. This is a definite luring point, but it is also an area of concern, as most “fad” diets rely on quick sales and not necessarily success. It is impossible to say if the Sunslim Diet actually works, but they do hint that it uses all natural, non-synthetic ingredients, which are keys to a healthy, maintainable diet.

For the price, though, dieters may want to consult outside testimonials before purchasing this product. How effective The Sunslim Diet is for you will largely depend on if you’re the time of person who reads books and follows programs, or if you do better with an ingestible supplement.

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  • You only need to purchase theSunslim Diet E-book, which is immediately downloadable.
  • The incorporation of everyday, healthy foods is a good start.
  • Dieters are not required to buy any additional items to do this diet.


  • The Sunslim Diet is only available online and only through its website.
  • It focuses on customer testimonials and what to expect, not including pertinent information such as how it works or what the actual secret is to this diet.
  • Does not emphasize exercise, which is fundamental for any healthy diet.
  • The entire website reads as an advertisement.


Dieters today are now more desperate than ever to find a quick, easy solution for weight loss, and Sunslim claims to have that magic key. Without proper information available about how this diet fundamentally works, however, it is impossible to know how effective it is. Mostly, it comes down to how good you are at following diets. There isn’t much to risk by buying this book — $24.95 is not much for a diet book – but there are no guarantees if it will actually work.

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    I purchased the Sun Slim Diet a few years back. My home burned to the ground and I lost everything including my copy of the program. Could I get a reprint for free since I did pay for it once?


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    I purchased the diet previously. Then my computer was stolen so would like to know now if I can get a free copy please