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Martin Katahn started the T-Factor Diet in 1989 with the publishing of his first book on the subject. Fairly traditional in its food plans, the book tells its dieters to cut fat out of their daily meals. Katahn also pushes fat burning activities such as walking or swimming over the strenuous aerobics that he explains burn more carbohydrates than fat. The T-factor Diet book also includes recipes, diet plans, exercises, and a fat and fiber counter.

Though reasonably extensive, the counter has one drawback. The counter is set up in food categories and is somewhat time consuming to use since the dieter needs to look up the food category and then find the specific food.

The T-Factor Diet book is set up to be a reference. It is fairly extensive though it is written in informative language and is not meant to help with motivation.

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Product Features

An Explanation of the Correct Way to Look at Foods.


Diet Plan for Slow Steady Weight Loss.

Diet Plan for Fast Weight Loss.

Fat and Fiber Counter.


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  • If you are looking for a good reference book, this is fairly comprehensive.
  • Katahn points out some rather foundational facts about how to get your body to burn fat effectively.
  • Katahn’s diet is reviewed fairly well. It is a classic low-fat diet plan. It simply helps form some good habits by changing the dieter’s perspective on food.


  • This diet is not highly effective alone unless it is used with herbal supplements.
  • The book is not geared for those who struggle with self motivation unless it is used along with a supplemental diet plan that is more invigorating.
  • Though informative, some of the information from this original well known book is somewhat outdated. If using this book, be sure to refer to more recent resources as well.
  • The target audience of this book is one that knows little about how food works. Because of the influence of this book and others in the last two decades, dieters who have already read diet books will probably be familiar with many of the ideas in the T-Factor Diet.


At the time that Katahn published the book, The T-Factor Diet, he changed some of the false ways that Americans viewed foods. He traced weight gain problems back to high fat foods, and he implemented some good ideas into dieting based on his findings. Since The T-Factor Diet book’s publication, other groundbreaking dieting information has been found. The dieter may want to look into these other studies as well. The T-Factor Diet was the start of a different view of dieting, and its more recent studies should be included in the dieter’s library. Also, along with the T-Factor Diet, a supplement such as a thermogenic fat burner should be used to help the metabolism and speed weight loss.

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