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Many will recognize the ThighMaster often advertized by actress, model, and author Suzanne Summers. First sold in the 1980s by millionaire Joshua Reynolds, hundreds of thousands of ThighMasters have been sold.

The ThighMaster Gold is simple in design. Two twisted pieces of tubing are joined in the center by a hinge to create resistance to a number of exercises. Though specifically designed for thigh exercises, a quick Google search will reveal dozens of other exercises the equipment can be used for. The ThighMaster Gold can be used to tone the stomach and abs, strengthen the chest, arms, and upper body, and also build up support in your back. The recommended amount of reps is 12 – 24, and each rep includes a contraction phase and a release phase. During the release phase, the user allows the hinge that connects to the two tubes to cause pressure, and then the user resists the pressure as part of the exercise.

Originally called the ThighMaster, its grandchild and today’s model is the ThighMaster Gold, and reviewers say they like it even better than its predecessor. Reviewers also give the ThighMaster fairly high though not perfect marks. Due to the ThighMaster’s simplicity and specific focus, reviewers usually suggest other forms of exercise or diet with it. However, it’s a clever idea for the busy dieter who has just a couple minutes for toning.

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Product Features

The ThighMaster Gold Exercise Equipment.

Some models are sold with an instructional booklet.

Some models are sold as a set with the ThighMaster LBX.

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  • Because of it’s fairly small size, the ThighMaster Gold is portable.
  • Many exercises require resistance. This makes the equipment versatile.
  • At $20, it is not a very expensive piece of equipment.


  • The equipment is nowhere near comprehensive. The user can buy it, learn all of the techniques and still need to find more equipment elsewhere for a complete routine.
  • For the amount of time spent, time in a gym would be more effective.
  • It is awkward to store. Though not large, it is an odd shape for a closet.
  • This type of exercise is not the recommended type for fat burning. Other exercises should be used for weight loss.


In the category of home exercise equipment, the ThighMaster and its descendent, the ThighMaster Gold are old faithfuls. They are good for the busy person who hopes to get a couple minutes of toning in while watching the news. That is their strength and also their weakness. They are designed specifically enough that they are limited. The ThighMaster Gold is not as ideal or effective as a trip to the gym, and it’s not designed to stand without a healthy diet. However, if you are too busy for the gym and need something just for toning, it may be the right thing for you. It may be a good addition to an already increasingly healthy lifestyle.

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