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The Torso Ball is a new fitness ball shown on the Today Show. The ball resembles a large exercise ball with handles on either side. The idea is to use the ball like an ab roller, as a weight and stability system. There are tons of pictures on the official website showing how the Torso Ball can be used as part of your exercise program and a video promoting the workout tool. For the $100 price tag, consumers receive the Torso Ball, a floor mat, a pump and measuring tool to ensure the ball is blown up to the correct size. There is also an instruction manual and DVD with a set of power cords to complete the package.

List of Ingredients


  • Exercise ball.

Product Features

There are more than enough fitness tools on the market, but Torso Ball claims this tool is the one you need to improve fitness. With the help of the attached handles and power cord, the Torso Ball uses resistance and body weight to increase heart rate and work muscles.

The informational video shows real life people using the Torso Ball for the first time and not all of the users are thin and in shape – a definite plus for the Torso Ball company. However, the Torso Ball requires upper body strength and a lot of it to hold the body vertical using the handles on either side of the ball. We are also concerned that some dieters could suffer shoulder or back injuries attempting to use the Torso Ball.

There is very little information about the company listed on the official website. We though the company was out of Nevada based on the Terms of Use, but it seems Abbott Enterprises from Arizona is behind The Torso Ball.

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  • Testimonials and before and after photos are listed on the site.
  • The Torso Ball requires no additional equipment.


  • May be dangerous for some overweight, obese or injured dieters.
  • The Torso Ball is relatively expensive.


We are not sold on the Torso Ball as a workout program. There are some benefits, such as promoting proper squat form when the ball is held against a wall and providing resistance during abdominal exercises. We believe the ball could be useful for someone who is already fit, but sexy abs and weight loss are not associated with abdominal exercise as much as cardiovascular exercise and healthy diet.

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