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Nutritionist, athlete, and professor, Lisa Dorfman designed the Tropical Diet along with two other well known diets, the Reunion Diet and the Vegetarian Sports diet. Doctor Dorfman, a professor at the University of Miami has competed in over 32 marathons as well as several other athletic competitions and has become a prolific writer in the area of diet and fitness. She wrote The Tropical Diet book after being inspired by a trip to the Caribbean. The book took almost two decades to perfect as Doctor Dorfman tried to combine unique flavors from several different countries including countries from Africa, Asia, India and even Europe. Her recipes include a variety of cuisines and textures encompassing meats, fruits and tropical drinks.

The Tropical Diet that is outlined in Dorfman’s book is specifically a change of life style. Dieters are promised that they will learn how to renovate their normal foods into tasty and nutritious meals. The theme and tastes of these meals will be tropical. Using a Food, Fitness, and Pleasure Pyramid, Dorfman attempts to bring her readers down a six part trek to a healthier life, and, by providing recipes that can be made with normal easy to find foods, she hopes to make nutritious eating permanent. Her recipes strive to add zest as well as extra vitamins and minerals to ordinary meals. She advertises that the diet will provide more energy for its users as well as more fun in their everyday foods. However, interested dieters should make sure that they like tropical foods before proceeding with this diet. The book’s recipes attempt to create the feel of an island vacation which may not appeal to everyone.

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Innovative Ideas for a Lifestyle Change.

Six Step Food, Fitness, and Pleasure Pyramid.


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  • The diet is a lifestyle change that is advertised to cover homemade foods, airplane food, and even fast food. This change of perspectives as opposed to a stringent diet plan may make it easier to follow for years.
  • For someone who is bored with food and just looking for more energy, this diet promises that.


  • Dorfman does not advertise quick results. This is not an intense regime and does not appear to promise fast weight loss.
  • Many people do not like tropical tastes. This diet is not for everyone.
  • Since this diet requires new recipes, an array of different groceries, and a metamorphosis in the way the user looks at food, it may not be the best choice for a busy person or for a family.
  • The diet is about 6 years old. There are some more cutting edge diets available.


For the aggressive dieter, this diet may lack the challenge you are looking for, and for the picky eater, a variety of new spices and textures may sound disgusting. The Tropical Diet may not be for you. However, for the person who is looking for more fun in their food and more energy in life and is ready to read a new book and devote some time to trying multiple new recipes for the purpose of adopting a healthier new lifestyle – diet could be it. Creative and interesting, the Tropical Diet offers a fresh perspective to food.

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