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The Truth About Six Pack is a program designed by Mike Geary. In The Truth About Six Pack program, Geary strives to disprove many commonly held nutrition and weight loss methods in favor of what he claims to be the ‘truth.’ With lofty claims, the program is marketed as a lifestyle change that will do everything from playing tricks on your metabolism so that it will keep burning fat to stopping fat cravings.

The Truth About Six Pack program advertises five specific ‘truths.’ First, it states that it will reveal the health foods that are really disguised junk foods. Second, the program explains that doing straight ab exercises will only build up muscles under your stomach fat and make you heavier. Also, Geary attacks the traditional long cardio workouts in promotion of his exercise techniques, and he assaults other normally acclaimed diet methods. Besides his criticisms of traditional methods, his promises are very high. Geary says he knows the fifteen secrets to boost a metabolism, how to make cardio training twice as effective, the six amazing exercises that no one else knows, and the five main foods to be avoided because they stimulate and promote fat. He promises that the user of his program will enjoy all of his or her foods yet develop such a high metabolism that they’ll be literally burning through the fat.

Unbiased reviews are difficult to find concerning the program. The Truth About Six Pack website advertises high reviews with outstanding results, but finding reviews outside sellers’ websites is almost impossible.

List of Ingredients

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Product Features

5 Keys to Guaranteed Weight Loss: A DVD hosted by Kim Lyons.

Fast Track Meal Planner.

In Power Fast Audio Series.

13 Killer Foods for Fat Loss.

84 Meal Plans.

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  • If the lofty claims are true, the program may shed some light on wrong eating patterns and unhelpful exercises.
  • The price is about $40 to start with, and it comes with several things for that price.


  • Many of the websites that advertise this product don’t seem legitimate.
  • The program’s advertising takes a very negative approach. It attacks most other dietitians, health advisers and health products. Also, after watching their video presentation, you feel like you just got dragged through a long and emotional sales pitch.
  • Products that like this that seem to be too good to be true – often are.
  • The actual program appears to require commitment and large amounts of weight loss appears to be a part of an intense regime. This program may be geared for a more determined personality.


Mike Geary, appearing in a perfect salesman method, targets every weight loss problem and proclaims that he has found the answers. He promises a trick for also every area of a dieter’s struggle. If his program is half as good as the claims, it’s a wonder that everyone is not using it. What is fact and what is fiction is difficult to determine. Conservatively, we could estimate that Geary has some good ideas. Perhaps coupled with a fat burning supplement and a careful approach, a dieter could get some good results from the Truth About Six Pack.

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