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What You Should Know

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Gary Null’s Ultimate Life Diet: A Revolutionary Program for Losing Weight and Building a Healthy Body is a book that describes tools, tips, and tricks to living a healthy lifestyle. It is available on for $13.57 plus shipping and handling. For orders over $25, the book is eligible for free shipping. Many other merchants also carry the text online. Dr. Gary Null Ph.D is the author of several different diet and nutrition books to help people lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.


There are no ingredients as this is a book and not a weight loss supplement.

Product Features

The book features a 30 day plan to help you lose weight and change your lifestyle for the good forever so as to avoid having to continuously fight battles against weight. Along with the information about what foods are good for you, what foods are bad for you, and why, the book provides plenty of recipes for good healthy meals. There are plenty of recipes to choose from so that each reader is guaranteed to find a few they like and can stick to eating. The book also discusses various health problems and what you can do about them. In learning about the problems and solutions, people are able to see how important it is to change their lifestyles so they are living healthier.

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  • Many recipes.
  • Plenty of information.


  • The book is met with mixed reviews.
  • Some say it is the best book they have read on the subject, and others say the information is too overwhelming to help them.
  • Some may become frustrated at the dedication this plan requires.


Gary Null is a well known and respected nutritionist and author. His Ultimate Life Diet: A Revolutionary Program for Losing Weight and Building a Healthy Body is a good read and helps people learn information on how they can lose weight and live healthy. Whether or not you choose to do what the book suggests you do to change your life, it will still help you learn.

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