The Ultimate Metabolism Diet Review

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The Ultimate Metabolism Diet by Dr. Rigden with input from nurse Barbara Schiltz strives to combine multiple technologies in the diet world. The diet’s focus is not on calories and fat. It targets the body’s adrenal hormones, sex hormones, and the body’s thyroid to find the overlooked factors in weight loss or gain. Innovative though perhaps suspiciously nontraditional Dr. Rigden’s approach as laid out in the Ultimate Metabolism diet may be unto something when he tries to use knowledge from not only nutrition but also genetics and biochemistry to solve weight problems.

Attempting to be thorough, the Ultimate Metabolism Diet covers the part liver detoxification and prescribed medicines play in weight gain. Believing that different people have different metabolic types, he enlists the aid of Barbara Schiltz. Ms. Schiltz offers a different meal plan (with recipes) for every type. In the rest of the book, Dr. Rigden zeros in on five specific metabolic problems that he believes can be addressed and dealt with. Besides metabolic studies, there are issues on food sensitivities, hormonal balance problems, emotional eating and even carbohydrate sensitivity. For the dieter who has tried everything yet hasn’t found the answer, Dr. Rigden may possibly have found the real problems behind thousands of overweight individuals. With a topics covering a wide range of issues as well as a look at the different body combinations and corresponding diet needs, the Ultimate Metabolism Diet may cover an area relevant to your needs.

Confidently, Dr. Rigden promises that many who simply misunderstand these factors about their bodies will be able to turn their metabolisms around. He advertises good reviews, and from outside feedback, it appears that the Ultimate Metabolism Diet has gotten some good feedback. This study is geared for someone who wants to put science to work for them and their diet needs. It is educational, but the user will need to do quite a bit of reading to get a grasp of his or her possible issues. Also, most likely most things in the book will not be a applicable issue of the dieter. That said though, if the book can help target one previously untouched area that is causing a weight loss roadblock, it would be helpful.

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Product Features

Explaining the Metabolism.

Looking at Carbohydrate Sensitivity.

Illuminating Metabolic Syndrome.

How to Deal with Hormonal Imbalances.

Problems Caused by Food Hypersensitivities.

How Chronic Illnesses and Impaired Liver Detoxification Cause Weight Gain.

How to Handle Emotional Eating.

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  • For some, this book may help them find the issue that is stopping or slowing weight loss.
  • Any understanding of body factors can aid in dieting.


  • Dr. Rigden does not promise speedy weight loss.
  • Though informative, this book is fairly intellectual in nature; it may be boring to some.
  • Many people do not have metabolic problems.


Some dieters unknowingly are plagued by the very issues described in the Ultimate Metabolism diet though many are not. For some, this book will literally be a lifesaver though for others it will be a waste of time. If you feel like there is something in your body that is working against you, it’s possible this book could have the answer.

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