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Are trying to find a weight loss program that works? There are a multitude of weight loss products and diets available. Finding the right one can be tricky. One of the many programs available is The Ultra Simple Diet.

The Ultra Simple Diet was created by Mark Hyman, M.D., a pioneer in functional medicine, a branch of alternative medicine that claims to address the underlying causes of illnesses. The Ultra Simple Diet is based on the theory that weight problems are caused by health problems. The diet, therefore, is meant to address underlying health problems such as toxicity and inflammation. It does this through a strict diet, dietary supplements, an exercise regime, and saunas.

The book, The UltraSimple Diet, is available in Mass Market Paperback. It is 244 pages and costs $7.99.

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The Ultra Simple Diet is a week-long diet that advertises up to ten pounds of weight loss in seven days. The initial advertisement of ten pounds of weight loss in a one week, however, is significantly higher than the average weight loss of five and a half pounds found in the study conducted on the diet.

The official website claims that the diet works by increasing the body’s health and freeing it to lose weight naturally. The website confesses that the diet may not work for everyone. It only guarantees that its users will feel better, not that they will lose weight.

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  • The book is easily available and can be partially downloaded for free.
  • The diet claims to address the underlying causes of weight problems.
  • The diet emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet for losing weight.
  • There are some testimonials online.


  • There is no money back guarantee if the program does not work.
  • The program is not simple, but requires drastic dietary and lifestyle changes, along with a number of expensive purchases.
  • The Ultra Simple Diet contains optional exercise, but does not emphasize the necessity of exercise for healthy weight loss.
  • The book only contains a dieting plan for seven days – not long enough for significant weight loss.
  • The official website does not explain what the diet is, or how it works.
  • The book does not include warnings of possibly severe and harmful side effects that people have experienced.


The Ultra Simple Diet is heavily advertised, proving that it is a money-making effort, not simply doctor’s advice. As such care should be taken when researching this diet. There are a significant number of negative reviews on other websites. The most common complaints are that the book and diet are both complicated, not simple. On a more serious note, many people who tried this diet suffered from nausea or gallbladder pain.

The Ultra Simple Diet is one of many possibilities. In view of its disadvantages, it may be best to research other weight loss programs before choosing one.

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