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The Velocity Diet for Women is a specially formulated regime that claims to help you lose as much as 20 pounds in less than a month. This diet emphasizes eating less. In fact, if you adhere to the diet, you will eat only one regular meal per week. Instead of eating solid food, velocity dieters drink protein shakes each day. The specific formula marketed by promoters of the Velocity Diet is Metabolic Drive, a smoothie mix containing micellar protein, which supposedly takes longer to digest and therefore makes you feel full longer.

The Velocity Diet for Women claims to be better than other diet plans by helping you lose weight faster. Promoters of the velocity diet also claim that participants will lose their taste for unhealthy foods, helping to keep the weight off after they go off the diet.

List of Ingredients

Metabolic Drive (chocolate flavored) – protein blend [whey-protein isolate (milk), milk-protein concentrate, micellar casein (milk)], cocoa powder, natural and artificial flavors, sunflower oil, glucono-delta-lactone, polydextrose, cellulose gum, lecithin, potassium chloride, mono and diglycerides, silica, sucralose.

Product Features

This diet works by reducing calorie intake and increasing exercise while building muscle. Women on the velocity diet will consume 4 to 6 shakes each day, and do weight training 3 days a week. One day of every week, you are allowed to have one regular meal. The purpose of this meal is to train your taste buds to enjoy healthy food, so this meal should not contain any junk food.

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  • One advantage of this diet is that it does emphasize some healthy eating. Promoters of Velocity Diet for Women encourage consuming protein-rich foods like peanut butter, and high fiber foods with healthy fats like flax seed. (These two ingredients are included in the shakes you will consume each day.)
  • Another positive of the velocity diet is that according to customer reviews, it is effective. However, it may not be the healthiest way to lose weight.
  • This weight loss program does incorporate weight training and walking as part of the diet regime, but discourages cardio workouts.


  • A negative of the Velocity Diet for Women is the emphasis on non-natural food and supplements. This diet relies on Metabolic Drive, a protein shake mix. While this drink may contain some healthy protein, it also contains several non-natural filler ingredients. Also, if you follow the diet plan, you must also purchase and consume HOT-ROX Extreme, Flameout, and Surge. HOT-ROX Extreme is a weight loss supplement marketed by Biotest. Flameout is a dietary supplement containing essential fatty acids like DHA, EPA, and CLA. And Surge is a beverage made to be drunk after exercising. It claims to help build muscle and stop tissue breakdown.
  • Another disadvantage of this program that may at first seem like a good thing is the claim to fast weight loss. While many people want to lose weight sooner rather than later, fast weight loss usually results in gaining the weight back again.


The Velocity Diet for Women may result in fast weight loss, but experts have shown that the healthiest way to lose weight is slowly, through gradual calorie reduction and increase in exercise. Women who follow this diet may not be choosing the healthiest option and may not keep their weight off.

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    I just started taking Velocity weightloss pill, and I get Very Bloated. Any help or why this is happening


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