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The Walk Diet, marketed by Leslie Sansone, is available in DVD or VHS format and can be purchased from several online websites for as little as $9.99. This exercise video contains two workouts – one that is 19 minutes long, and another that is 30 minutes long. According to customer reviews, these workouts are very simple and easy to follow. In these two routines, Leslie employs just four basic exercise procedures. Although several customers seem quite satisfied with this exercise video and claim that it is a good way to begin an exercise program; others are dissatisfied with the production and content of this video. If you enjoy Leslie Sansones’s products and workouts, you may want to check out some of her other videos before purchasing this one.

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Product Features

As mentioned above, the Walk Diet by Leslie Sansone features two workouts. Both workouts have similar steps, but one is a mile long, while the other is two miles long. These two workouts are both very simple, and employ basic steps such as low kicks, sidesteps, and kneelifts.

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  • A benefit of this product is that the two sections can be done together, for a total of 3 miles, or separately. Another option is using the 2-mile workout or the whole video as a warmup routine.
  • Another positive of this exercise video is the fact that no exercise equipment is needed. Customers who buy this workout can do it anywhere.
  • Another fact about the workouts on The Walk Diet that some customers consider a positive is the simplicity of the exercise moves. Unlike other exercise videos, this DVD employs no complicated dance moves or difficult exercises.


  • A disadvantage of this exercise program is that use will probably not result in much weight loss. In order to lose weight with this product, faithful use should be combined with a healthy eating plan.
  • Another disadvantage of this exercise video is that it does not promote a healthy diet, which is necessary for weight loss.
  • Also, the workouts on this video are not as difficult as other videos, and therefore will not burn as many calories.
  • Another disadvantage, according to users, is mistakes in editing the DVD that may distract or confuse first time users. Also, several customers claim that the production is poor and the music not as motivating as it could be.


Although this diet does claim to boost your energy and help you shed extra pounds, use will probably result in little or no weight loss, unless you take other steps to lose weight. If you are trying to lose a lot of weight fast, the Walk Diet is probably not for you. However, if you are looking for a simple, easy way to begin an exercise program, you may want to consider Leslie Sansones’s The Walk Diet.

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