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The Warrior Diet was created by Ori Hofmekler and is outlined in his book by the same name. This diet plan claims to boost your immune system and prevent sickness, while helping you lose weight. This plan supposedly works for those who have tried other diets and failed. According to Hofmekler, his plan is based on scientific and historical evidence. Users of the warrior diet supposedly drop pounds even in hard-to-lose areas, such as the belly. This diet also emphasizes exercise and claims to result in a hard, lean body.

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In his book, The Warrior Diet, Hofmekler outlines his diet regime. His plan is based on skipping breakfast and lunch but eating a large evening meal. According to Hofmekler, this is healthier and more natural for the body. Hofmekler also suggests eating natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts for the one night meal. Exercise is also a part of Hofmekler’s diet plan. He recommends eating less while exercising strenuously to increase energy and burn calories.

The Warrior Diet makes its claims based on fasting studies done on mice and rats. These studies tested the benefits of intermittent fasting and showed that regular fasting had some health benefits for the mice. The Warrior Diet is also based on evolutionary principles. According to Hofmekler, one of these principles is the fact that humans have historically been nocturnal eaters, which is why he claims that consuming calories during the day is harmful. In his book, Hofmekler goes into more detail about why humans should only eat at night.

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  • One advantage of this diet is that it does emphasize eating natural foods. Hofmekler mentions fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, marine animals, eggs, and dairy products.
  • Another positive of this diet is that it emphasizes exercise, which is crucial to healthy weight loss.


  • This diet regime is based on supposed scientific evidence; however, the studies Hofmekler cites are not truly related to his diet plan. Also, research has shown that people who eat breakfast actually lose more weight than those who do not. But Hofmekler claims the exact opposite in his book. Also, as mentioned above, no official studies have been done that prove the premise the Warrior Diet is based on. Studies have been done showing that intermittent fasting has health benefits, but no studies have been done showing that fasting during the day and eating one large meal at night is good for you.


People who buy this book and follow the diet plan outlined may lose some weight, but the Warrior Diet is probably not the healthiest way to shed extra pounds. Also, you may wish to do more research on Hofmekler’s claims or ask your doctor if he could recommend this diet plan.

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